Zoomex X WSOT 2023: Compete for $7 Million in Prizes and Show off Your Trading Skills!

Zoomex X WSOT 2023: Compete for $7 Million in Prizes and Show off Your Trading Skills!

The Blockchain Industry: A Thrilling Adventure with Zoomex and WSOT

Zoomex X WSOT 2023

Get ready for the most thrilling cryptocurrency trading competition of the year! The World Series of Trading (WSOT) is back, and this time, it’s bigger and better than ever. In partnership with F2 Ferrari driver Oliver Bearman, WSOT 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience for traders worldwide.

The blockchain industry has been revolutionizing the way we conduct transactions and handle digital assets. At the forefront of this industry is Zoomex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its cutting-edge technology, superior liquidity, and dedication to customer satisfaction. With a no-KYC approach, Zoomex is committed to preserving the spirit of anonymity in cryptocurrency trading.

Now, in tandem with WSOT, Zoomex aims to take the excitement of trading to new heights. By joining forces with Oliver Bearman, an exceptional talent in motorsport competitions, Zoomex is set to create an unparalleled fusion of high-speed trading and racing.

About WSOT – The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Trading Conference

Prepare for the highly anticipated WSOT 2023, featuring an incredible prize pool of $7 million. Traders can participate in both squad and individual competitions, with team participants vying for a share of up to $6 million in USDT prizes. For the individual competition, staggering prizes of up to $400,000 in USDT await the winners.

New Zoomex users who register within 72 hours before the start of WSOT can receive a bonus reward of $50. Additionally, lucky registration prizes offer a chance for every 100th applicant to receive a generous prize of 100 USDT bonus rewards.

Moreover, exciting new features have been introduced in this year’s edition, including the Copy Trading Fest and Lucky Draw. With a total prize pool of $500,000 USDT, participants can win incredible rewards such as Signed Ferrari helmets, racing suits, and a cash reward of $10,000.

The event will kick off on July 24 and span 43 exciting days, concluding on September 7. WSOT is more than just a competition; it’s a vibrant platform that fosters connections, learning, and growth among traders. Engage with like-minded participants, exchange trading strategies, and expand your network within the dynamic crypto community. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with F2 Ferrari driver Oliver Bearman and showcase your trading prowess on the world stage.

Zoomex | Your Trusted Partner for the Most Exciting Adventures

Zoomex X WSOT 2023

At Zoomex, integrity and long-term development principles are paramount as we strive to deliver a high-quality trading experience. Our key pillars include transparency, regulatory compliance, fund security, and reliable services, all of which contribute to creating value for our users.

Join the USDT Treasure Hunt and Get Rewarded

Currently, Zoomex hosts thrilling activities alongside the World Series of Trading (WSOT), including the highly anticipated 1 USDT Treasure Hunt. This engaging activity features three treasure zones, each with its enticing prize pool.

For 3 hours, traders can win a 10 USDT prize, while a 0.1 ETH prize awaits winners over four days. The pinnacle of the hunt is the 0.1 BTC prize, awarded every eight days.

To add even more excitement, during the WSOT campaign, from July 13 to August 27, 2023, participants who continuously engage in the 1 USDT Treasure Hunt at least 50 times without winning any rewards will receive a full refund of their entry fees. The refunded amount will be promptly credited to their assets within ten business days after the conclusion of this unique campaign.

Race Guessing Campaign | Featuring the F2 Ferrari Driver

Zoomex X WSOT 2023

As a unique celebration of our partnership with Oliver Bearman, the F2 Ferrari driver, Zoomex has introduced the Race Guessing Campaign. Predict Oliver Bearman’s ranking in the F2 race and stand a chance to win a share of the 10,000 bonus pool. Every participant is guaranteed a prize and will receive 200 treasure coupons. Join us in the exhilarating Race Prediction Challenge and seize the opportunity to win 0.1 BTC using treasure coupons.

About Zoomex | The Most Trusted Partner for Trading Strategies

Zoomex, a cryptocurrency trading platform established in 2021 in Singapore, has gained significant recognition in the industry. Holding both the US MSB License and Canada MSB License, Zoomex focuses on offering a superior online cryptocurrency trading environment while fostering a wise investment atmosphere.

With an unwavering focus on customers, Zoomex aims to emerge as a cryptocurrency leader built on security, customer trust, and innovative thinking. Adapting to the swiftly evolving cryptocurrency market, they pride themselves on delivering top-notch online trading services while safeguarding customers’ assets.

Currently, Zoomex ranks 31st on CoinMarketCap, attesting to its growing prominence. With a remarkable trading volume of $1,683,023,181 within 24 hours, Zoomex demonstrates its ability to facilitate substantial transactions.

Stay in the Game, and Keep On Racing

To join the Zoomex community, you can access the official Zoomex Telegram. Also, you can visit the official website, and by clicking here, a $30 bonus and coupon rewards are waiting for you.

Embark on an exhilarating journey in the blockchain industry with Zoomex and WSOT. Whether you’re an experienced trader or a newcomer, this adventure offers endless possibilities for growth, learning, and extraordinary rewards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of finance. Join WSOT 2023 today and take your trading career to new heights!