XRP Ledger emerging as a powerful DeFi player.

XRP Ledger emerging as a powerful DeFi player.

The XRP Ledger Achieves Over 82 Million Ledgers and Empowers NFT Adoption

The XRP Ledger, a decentralized public blockchain supporting the XRP token, has reached a significant milestone with over 82 million registered ledgers. This achievement highlights the XRP Ledger’s commitment to decentralization, speed, scalability, and security.

Unveiling the XRP Ledger’s Consensus Algorithm and Protocol

One of the reasons behind the XRP Ledger’s success is its unique consensus algorithm and the incorporation of the XLS-20 protocol. The XLS-20 protocol, introduced in 2022, has played a crucial role in driving adoption and growth for the XRP Ledger in the NFT ecosystem.

The XLS-20 protocol brings new features to the XRP Ledger, including minting and burning capabilities, automated royalties, DEX integration, and support for traditional NFTs. It has attracted creators and collectors alike, resulting in over 1.9 million NFTs being minted on the ledger. Furthermore, nearly 30,000 user accounts currently hold 1.6 million of these minted NFTs.

XRP Ledger’s Rapid Growth and Potential Competition

The growth of the XRP Ledger has been rapid and impressive. In August, the ledger recorded 81 million closed ledgers, and now it has surpassed 82 million. This remarkable progress showcases the ecosystem’s dedication to its core principles and vision.

Collin Brown, a prominent blockchain researcher, expressed enthusiasm for the XRP Ledger’s achievements, suggesting that it could become a strong competitor to established crypto giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He believes that the XRP Ledger’s growth in the NFT sector positions it as a significant player, paving the way for increased adoption of XRP.

Evernode: Upcoming Upgrades for XRPL’s Smart Contract Platform

Looking ahead, the XRPL ecosystem has exciting developments planned. The layer 2 smart contract platform, Evernode, will undergo significant upgrades to enhance reliability, sustainability, and innovation within the crypto and NFT space.

These improvements will further support the XRPL’s mission to drive crypto and NFT adoption and revolutionize the industry. The combination of the XRP Ledger’s scalability, decentralized nature, and upcoming enhancements in Evernode positions it as a formidable player in the blockchain industry.


The XRP Ledger’s achievement of over 82 million registered ledgers is a significant milestone for the ecosystem. With the introduction of the XLS-20 protocol and its integration of advanced features, the XRP Ledger has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the NFT ecosystem.

The success in the NFT sector, with over 1.9 million NFTs minted and substantial sales volume, has generated significant interest from creators and collectors. Moreover, the upcoming upgrades in Evernode’s smart contract platform showcase XRPL’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Overall, the XRP Ledger’s growth and development demonstrate its potential to compete with established cryptocurrencies and reshape the blockchain industry. As XRPL continues to make history, the future looks promising for this blockchain ecosystem.