Will $100 in Terra Classic make you a millionaire if LUNA burns as projected?

The cryptocurrency Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is experiencing some resistance against sell pressure on Monday. It has increased by around 1.5% during the day and is now valued at $0.000089. It is up by almost 15% from the recent yearly lows that were recorded over the weekend at the $0.000077 level.

LUNC may face increased sell pressure due to two factors: 1) poor market sentiment in the broader crypto market following the SEC’s recent action against Binance and Coinbase, and 2) LUNC’s recent strong rejection of key long-term resistance at the $0.0001150 level.

However, recent positive fundamental developments relating to the project could help alleviate some of this sell pressure in the coming weeks and months.

The Terra Luna Classic community has passed a proposal aimed at bringing the blockchain’s failed stablecoin USTC back to its 1:1 dollar peg. The stablecoin had depegged to the US dollar last May. The Joint L1 Task Force, who are the core development team behind the maintenance and improvement of the Terra Classic blockchain, are now preparing for the upgrade and will be simulating possible USTC repeg and depeg events.

If the team can successfully bring USTC sustainably back to $1 and gain the broader crypto community’s trust that there won’t be another depeg, then that could substantially boost demand for LUNC.

Can $100 in LUNC Make You a Millionaire if This Burn Forecast Happens?

As the Joint L1 Task Force takes steps to bring USTC back to $1, the Terra Classic community also continues to burn LUNC tokens in a bid to reduce the excessively high token supply.

As per LUNCmetrics.com, a total of 63.25 billion LUNC tokens have now been burnt, with Binance accounting for over half of this.

That’s about 1% of the total LUNC circulating supply of currently around 5.84 trillion.

But many members of the LUNC army are holding out hope that LUNC can one day reach $1 again.

Given the current market cap of around $520 million, the LUNC token supply would need to be reduced to around 520 million to achieve $1, assuming no expansion in the market cap – if the market cap goes up, then less LUNC tokens would need to be burnt to achieve $1.

Getting the supply down to 520 million would require about 99.99% of the LUNC supply to be burnt, an unrealistic burn forecast to make.

Still, if it were to happen, $100 of LUNC at the current price of $0.000089 would mean over 1.12 million LUNC tokens.

If LUNC hit $1 per token amid massive token burns and you managed to prevent your tokens from being burnt, then that $100 worth of LUNC tokens would now be worth $1.12 million.

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Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Alternatives to Consider

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