Twitter Community Notes expands to 44 countries as Elon Musk searches for truth about X.

Twitter Community Notes expands to 44 countries as Elon Musk searches for truth about X.

The Rise of X: Transforming Social Media with Blockchain Technology

X’s (previously Twitter) app description on Google Play store. Source: Google Play

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s recent rebranding of Twitter to X has sent ripples through the social media world. Musk has long envisioned transforming the platform into an “everything app,” eradicating misinformation and shutting down scam accounts. To ensure the accuracy of information on the platform, contributors from 18 new countries were added to the X community. This brings the total number of contributors to 44 countries, encompassing a global effort to vet information and shape the platform’s content.

Aiming for Improved Accuracy and Context

Musk’s call to action to improve accuracy and context on the platform demonstrates his commitment to reshaping how information is disseminated. By adding contributors from diverse backgrounds, he seeks to prevent the spread of false information and misinformation. These contributors are tasked with vetting posts that attract significant attention and have the potential to be picked up by mainstream media. The X app, after its rebranding, distances itself from the conventional identity of a social media platform. Instead, it positions itself as a hub for breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, and everything in between.

Blockchain Technology to Promote Transparency

Adam Mosseri’s explanation for the introduction of rate limits on Threads. Source: Threads

Blockchain technology is at the heart of the transformation occurring within the X platform. Musk’s vision aligns with the core principles of blockchain – transparency, decentralization, and trust. By implementing a decentralized approach to fact-checking through the Community Notes system, X aims to become a trusted source of information, or “the best (or least bad) source of truth on the Internet,” as Musk put it.

Blockchain’s immutable and transparent nature allows contributors to be held accountable for the accuracy of the information they provide. This trust mechanism reduces the risk of misinformation and enables users to have confidence in the content they consume.

X vs. Threads: A Battle for User Engagement

Threads, X’s biggest competition, made headlines by introducing a new feature that mirrors the functionality of the original Twitter platform. However, X’s aggressive transformation efforts seem to be outpacing Threads’ attempts to retain its user base. Within five days of its launch, X witnessed a record-breaking number of new users, surpassing 100 million users.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Threads, now faces the challenge of maintaining user engagement. The competitive landscape between X and Threads showcases the evolving nature of social media platforms and the need to constantly innovate to capture and retain users’ attention.

The User-Centric Approach

Musk’s decision to backtrack on changing the X user interface to a dark theme is a testament to his user-centric mindset. Feedback from users influenced this decision, demonstrating X’s commitment to listening and adapting to the needs and preferences of its audience. A clear example of this is Musk’s statement, “A lot of people have asked to keep light mode, so we will, but the default will be dark.” By making these adjustments based on user feedback, X aims to attract and retain a loyal user base.

Preserving History with Blockchain

As the blockchain industry continues to grow and mature, the concept of preserving history takes on new dimensions. We now have the opportunity to collect articles and other digital assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), honoring their importance and supporting independent journalism in the fast-paced crypto space.

In summary, the transformation of X, formerly known as Twitter, into a comprehensive platform for breaking news, entertainment, and accurate information reflects the broader trends and challenges within the blockchain industry. Blockchain technology allows X to reimagine social media, bringing transparency, accountability, and trust to the forefront. As the battle for user engagement continues, X’s user-centric approach and willingness to adapt ensure its relevance in an ever-evolving landscape. Through the preservation of articles and digital assets as blockchain-based NFTs, we can embrace the historical significance of these transformative moments in the blockchain industry.