Turbos Finance launches Stablecoin Smart Routing on Sui.

Turbos Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the newly launched layer 1 Sui blockchain, now offers a smart-routing system for stablecoin swaps on the network. The exchange has established multiple USDC variant liquidity pools, allowing customers to seamlessly trade any variant of bridged USDC assets wrapped by the Wormhole bridge against native Sui assets. Currently, users have to wrap their USDC on the source’s network to access the stablecoin on Sui. Turbos’ smart routing system on Sui offers multiple USDC variant liquidity pools, unlocking the untapped potential of all USDC variants on Sui, irrespective of their origin networks. Sui, the Aptos rival with a $2 billion valuation, was founded by ex-Meta Platforms (META) employees. Sui has more than 200 projects in its directory and another 100-odd projects vying to build on its network. According to DeFiLlama, Turbos is the second largest DEX built on Sui. Edited by James Rubin.