Tron price prediction: TRX bulls continue to push, rally not over yet.

Tron price prediction: TRX bulls continue to push, rally not over yet.

Tron Price Gains Pace in the Blockchain Industry

This article provides an overview of the recent price movement of Tron (TRX) in the blockchain industry and offers insights into its potential future trajectory.

Tron, a popular cryptocurrency, has been gaining momentum in the blockchain industry as its price surges above $0.0850 against the US Dollar. Compared to Bitcoin, TRX has outperformed and is expected to rise further, potentially reaching $0.092 in the near future.

Background and Analysis

To understand the current price movements of Tron, let’s delve into the broader picture of the blockchain industry. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing various sectors by offering decentralized and transparent solutions. It has received significant attention due to its potential to enhance security, efficiency, and trust in different applications ranging from finance to supply chain management.

As part of this industry, Tron’s rise in value is in line with the overall growth and rising interest in cryptocurrencies. Tron’s unique features, such as its ability to facilitate decentralized applications and smart contracts, make it an attractive investment option for individuals and businesses alike.

Tron Price Regains Strength

In recent analysis, it was discussed that TRX had favorable conditions for further gains against the US Dollar. True to that analysis, Tron demonstrated stability, outperformed Bitcoin, and successfully surpassed crucial resistance levels at $0.0825 and $0.0850.

Currently, Tron is consolidating its gains after reaching a high of approximately $0.0879. The price action suggests the potential for further upward movement above $0.088. Tron is trading above the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours), indicating a positive sentiment in the market.

Moreover, a major bullish trend line has also formed, offering support near $0.0855. This indicates that Tron has a strong base and stability within the market, enhancing its potential for continued growth.

Upside Potential and Resistance Levels

Tron’s upward trajectory suggests the possibility of reaching higher price levels. The first significant resistance lies near $0.088, followed by the major resistance level at $0.092. If Tron breaks through these resistances, it could lead to an acceleration in price movement. The subsequent resistance to consider is near $0.095.

Tron Chart

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Ultimately, surpassing the $0.095 resistance could propel Tron towards the $0.10 level, with the next major resistance anticipated near $0.105. If Tron manages to surpass this level as well, it could lead to further bullish sentiment and potential growth towards $0.112.

Are Dips Limited in TRX?

In terms of potential downside risks, if Tron fails to break the $0.088 resistance, a correction might occur. However, initial support lies near the $0.0867 zone, closely followed by the major support at $0.0855, which aligns with the aforementioned bullish trend line.

In the event of a substantial decline, the 50% Fibonacci retracement level and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours) near $0.0830 could serve as significant support levels.

Technical Indicators

In analyzing Tron, it is worth considering the following technical indicators:

  • 4 hours Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): The MACD for TRX/USD is gaining momentum in the bullish zone, indicating potential further price increases.

  • 4 hours Relative Strength Index (RSI): The RSI for TRX/USD is currently above the 50 level, reflecting positive strength within the market.


As Tron continues to gain momentum in the blockchain industry, its price performance against the US Dollar demonstrates its potential for growth and investor interest. With its ability to facilitate decentralized applications and smart contracts, Tron offers unique advantages within the market. Key resistance levels to keep in mind include $0.088, $0.092, and $0.095. In case of a pullback, support levels lie near $0.0867, $0.0855, and $0.0830. The technical indicators, including MACD and RSI, support the positive sentiment surrounding Tron’s price movements.

As blockchain technology evolves and gains wider adoption, Tron’s performance will remain an important aspect to monitor, as it exemplifies how cryptocurrencies can impact the industry and offer potential investment opportunities.