Top 3 crypto picks as of May 30th Quant, Injective, Lido DAO

A bipartisan agreement to raise the U.S. debt ceiling is being opposed by conservative Republicans. If it fails its first test in Congress, the U.S. could default.

Both President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and the leading Republican figure in Congress, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, anticipate that the bill will pass before June 5.

With a debt default looming and financial markets on edge, investors are exploring diversification into cryptocurrencies. Which cryptos are the best to buy now?

Representative Ralph Norman, a right-leaning member of the House Freedom Caucus, expressed strong opposition to the bill remaining unaltered. Norman, alongside two other conservatives in the 13-member panel, has the potential to derail the bill even before it arrives on the House floor.

Although the panel typically aligns with House leadership, the inclusion of the three members by McCarthy in January was a prerequisite for securing the speaker’s gavel.

Representative Chip Roy, another panel member, dismissed the bill as lacking merit, while Representative Thomas Massie, the third member, hinted towards potential support for the package via a Monday tweet. His office, however, refrained from further comments.

While the panel’s four Democrats generally oppose Republican-supported legislation, it remains uncertain whether they would reject a deal that Biden had a hand in crafting.

Despite the odds, McCarthy expressed no real concerns on Monday regarding the potential rejection of the bill by the Rules Committee.

Democrats and Republicans alike praised the deal, suggesting it could likely pass despite some Republican opposition. Senate Majority Leader Schumer enthusiastically lauded its “targeted” cuts and new revenue, saying it would surely help reduce deficits. House Speaker Pelosi said it was undoubtedly “good for the American people.”

The compromise ultimately highlights a gap between Republican leaders and their more hardline colleagues. But for the time being, fiscal disaster appears averted, and political catastrophe is delayed. The proverbial “can” has simply been kicked down the road for another day.

Cryptos like WSM, QNT, ECOTERRA, INJ, YPRED, LDO, and DLANCE are hailed as some of the best cryptos to buy now amid the uncertainty over the debt ceiling.

Wall Street Memes’ Token Presale Surpasses $1 Million, Continues to Gain Traction

Wall Street Memes has made a splash with the launch of its $WSM token presale, quickly amassing over $1.4 million so far in funding.

The campaign’s momentum remains strong, with a remarkable daily pace of over $300,000, hinting at the possibility of reaching the $1.5 million milestone in the near future.

Given the history of Wall Street Memes’ successful digital asset launches, it’s no surprise that the $WSM presale is gaining traction. Its predecessor, the Wall Street Bulls 10,000 piece NFT collection, accumulated a substantial $2.5 million and was depleted in just 32 minutes in 2021.

The ethos behind Wall Street Memes traces back to the infamous GameStop incident of 2021, a classic David versus Goliath scenario where retail investors challenged Wall Street’s heavyweights. This movement has spurred Wall Street Memes to venture into the crypto space, signified by the launch of its $WSM token and a fresh mint of Ordinals NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Boasting a hefty community of over a million followers across its various social media platforms, Wall Street Memes has drawn interactions from Elon Musk, owner of Twitter and one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. This engagement further amplifies the potential of Wall Street Memes’ presale.

In alignment with its mantra of empowering the small investor, Wall Street Memes has a democratic token distribution approach. All tokens are for the community, with none reserved for private sales or team allocation. Presale allocation stands at 50%, with 30% for community rewards and the rest split equally for CEX and DEX liquidity.

As the market awaits the cryptocurrency exchange listings of $WSM, the possibility of substantial future price increases is stirring interest among investors.

Analysts believe that the strength of Wall Street Memes’ community and social media presence could affect the demand for the token, which could impact its price.

$WSM can be obtained on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain using ETH, BNB, or USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20). All that is required is to connect a crypto wallet on the website to execute a purchase.

The debut of the $WSM token marks a crucial moment in Wall Street Memes’ journey.

Crypto enthusiasts and retail investors looking for opportunities may want to consider buying $WSM, which is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.

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Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT) has been steadily increasing in price since May 26, with a gain of over 15% from its temporary support level of $99. As of writing, QNT is trading at $114.9, marking a gain of 2.41% so far today.

The technical indicators suggest that this bullish momentum may persist in the immediate future.

The 20-day EMA for QNT currently stands at $106.1, which is below the current trading price, indicating a bullish trend.

Meanwhile, the 50-day EMA is at $110.1, also below the current price, supporting the bullish market sentiment.

Meanwhile, the 100-day EMA at $115.5 may potentially act as a resistance level, with the price edging closer to it.

The RSI has risen from yesterday’s 61.38 to 65.09 today. As the RSI is above 60, it suggests that the market is leaning towards overbought territory.

This means that there might be a potential short-term pullback or consolidation in the near future before the bullish trend continues.

The MACD histogram has increased from 1.1 yesterday to 1.6 today, indicating a continuation of the bullish momentum.

A rising MACD histogram typically suggests that the bulls are in control and that the upward trend is likely to persist.

The immediate resistance level for QNT is the Fib 0.5 level of $115.4, which coincides with the 100-day EMA at $115.5.

This confluence of resistance indicates that the price may face some challenges in breaking through this level.

On the other hand, immediate support can be found at the Fib 0.382 level of $110.9, followed by the 50-day EMA at $110.1.

The technical indicators for Quant (QNT) suggest that the bullish momentum is likely to continue in the immediate future.

However, traders should keep an eye on the RSI and resistance levels, as a short-term pullback or consolidation may be possible before the trend resumes.

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Get Paid for Recycling with ecoterra’s Reverse Vending Machines

ecoterra is an environmentally-focused web3 initiative in the digital cryptocurrency space.

The platform has recently integrated major beverage brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Evian in their database of recyclable products, enabling an eco-conscious angle to the cyberspace protocol.

Within ecoterra’s user-friendly crypto app, enthusiasts can now recycle bottles from these brands via Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), and receive a digital payout for their environmentally friendly actions.

The introduction of renowned brands into ecoterra’s system gives a shot in the arm of this award-clinching web3 enterprise, which finds itself at the vanguard of promoting green practices in the web3 sphere.

Building on blockchain’s transparency, Ecoterra is a coordinated web3 environment fueled by its native token, $ECOTERRA.

It promotes recycling through its Recycle-to-Earn model, facilitates the commerce of recycled materials, and inspires businesses to neutralize their carbon emissions.

ecoterra is projected to become an integral part of the global climate change strategy as cryptocurrency usage expands.

The development funding of the platform is fueled by a presale of the crypto token, which has been met with resounding approval.

Only two months following its introduction, the ecoterra presale progressed through seven stages, bringing in over $4.51 million so far.

This passage discusses two different cryptocurrencies and their potential impact on the environment and the market.

The first, ecoterra, is a platform designed to incentivize recycling and eco-friendly practices with $ECOTERRA tokens. The platform will also provide a market for carbon offsets and recycled materials, making it easier for businesses to offset carbon emissions and purchase recycled goods. The $ECOTERRA token will also have built-in utility and the team plans to deploy a staking protocol for passive income in the future. Experts predict a promising future for the $ECOTERRA token.

The second cryptocurrency, Injective (INJ), is experiencing bullish momentum but may face a short-term retracement. The price rejection at the Fib 0.382 level and formation of a bearish hammer candle suggest caution for traders. However, the 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMAs trend upwards, and the RSI is in the bullish territory but not yet in the overbought zone. The yPredict platform is also discussed, with a presale currently ongoing for its AI-enabled cryptocurrency trading and analytics platform.

The technology behind the platform is developed by highly skilled AI developers and quants using advanced predictive models and data insights.

The marketplace aims to give experts the chance to earn passive income by selling their model predictions or data research as trading signals, which traders and investors can subscribe to.

yPredict plans to release the full version of its Analytics, Repository, and Marketplace platform by the end of the year. Meanwhile, those interested in the platform can check out its beta version that is currently available.

The $YPRED crypto token, which is minted on the Polygon blockchain, serves as the native token of yPredict’s AI-powered trading platform.

New users who want to use yPredict’s premium features will have to pay a subscription fee of $YPRED.

A portion of these fees will be distributed among existing $YPRED token holders, creating a passive income stream and mitigating market selling pressure.

As the influence of AI technology spreads and crypto markets regain traction, yPredict’s platform is expected to yield promising outcomes. Investors interested in purchasing $YPRED can do so using ETH, MATIC, or BNB.

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Lido DAO (LDO)

After bouncing off the dual confluence support of Fib 0.618 at $1.957 and the horizontal support area of $1.944 to $1.973, Lido DAO (LDO) posted gains of over 10% for the past two days.

However, it is currently experiencing rejection from the Fib 0.381 level at $2.190, which has led to a slight decrease in price of 0.60% so far today.

The 20-day EMA ($2.068), 50-day EMA ($2.115), and 100-day EMA ($2.152) are all currently below the current LDO price of $2.168.

These moving averages suggest that LDO is in a short-term uptrend phase.

However, with the rejection from the Fib 0.381 level, a potential correction might be in the cards, which could lead to a retest of the 100-day EMA at $2.152.

The RSI has slightly decreased from 56.35 yesterday to 55.63 today, indicating that buying momentum has weakened.

The MACD histogram has increased to 0.016 from yesterday’s 0.012, signaling bullish momentum but with signs of potential slowing down.

Trading volume has decreased from 11.126 million yesterday to 9.739 million today, and it is also below the volume moving average of 10.481 million.

This decrease in volume could suggest that traders are becoming more cautious or that buying momentum is fading.

LDO is currently facing resistance at the Fib 0.382 level of $2.190. Technical indicators suggest that although LDO is in a short-term uptrend, a potential correction might be underway.

Traders should keep an eye on the immediate support, which is the 100-day EMA at $2.152. If the bearishness persists, a deeper correction around the Fib 0.5 level at $2.074 is plausible.

Traders should remain vigilant for any changes in trading volume, RSI, and MACD to adjust their positions accordingly.

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DeeLance’s Approach to Freelancing: Why It’s One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now

DeeLance’s vision for the future of work just became clearer. The crypto freelancing platform announced $1.12 million in financing from Bitgert Ventures, a leading web3 VC firm.

The investment shows confidence in DeeLance’s goal to overhaul the $761 billion recruitment industry with a decentralized metaverse for freelancers and employers.

Biggert Ventures, known for supporting decentralized infrastructures and applications, has shown its support for DeeLance, indicating a strong belief in its vision that could lead to more investments from major institutions.

The diverse web3 investments experience and connections of Bitgert will likely provide DeeLance with valuable expertise and business prospects.

This collaboration will provide a significant boost for the DeeLance team, helping them to achieve their planned goals in the upcoming quarters.

Bitgert’s portfolio includes emerging cryptocurrency projects like JulSwap, OKSE, and Carbon. Its major investment commitment is likely to stimulate DeeLance’s investment momentum, especially with its native $DEELANCE token’s public presale, which has recently exceeded $1.2 million.

When the presale reaches $1.493 million, the ripple effect will likely cause the $DLANCE token price to rise from $0.038 to $0.043.

Early adopters may see potential gains when $DLANCE is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.055 in Q3 of the year.

The platform’s approach is based on tokenizing freelance work products into NFTs, ensuring the secure transfer of work ownership. This could solve problems related to copyright infringement and payment fraud.

Unlike existing platforms that charge high fees, DeeLance prioritizes accessibility and low fees. There is no need for browser plugins, third-party apps, or credit card details to sign up. Payments are fast, facilitated through cryptocurrency, and secured using an escrow mechanism and smart contracts to ensure transparency and safety.

As word spreads about DeeLance’s plans, enthusiasm is growing on social media platforms, and the DeeLance community is rapidly expanding.

DeeLance has been audited and certified by SolidProof and Coinsuls, gaining a pre-ICO listing on CoinMarketCap.

With a bold vision, institutional backing, and a thriving community, DeeLance aims to lead the future of freelance work.

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