Tips for memecoin projects from a PR expert.

Popular culture often portrays publicists as unethical spin doctors who will do anything to land a feature in The Wall Street Journal, even if it means betraying their own values. However, this is a misconception, as any reputable PR professional knows the importance of maintaining integrity and building lasting relationships with journalists.

The recent success of memecoins, particularly Pepecoin, is intriguing as they offer a unique opportunity to test the limits of unbridled PR and marketing. Without an actual product or structured business model, memecoins rely heavily on their messaging, making PR and marketing campaigns even more critical. While ethical principles still apply when promoting memecoins, PR professionals have more liberty in their campaigns than usual.

So, what made Pepecoin successful? Besides luck, which is essential for memecoins’ success, founders should consider the following factors when building their product and PR strategy:

Choose the Right Mascot

Business mascots like GEICO’s gecko and Gatorade’s gator have been around for a while. However, memecoins have capitalized on crypto culture, making mascots more influential than traditional commercial ones. For example, Dogecoin became one of the top cryptocurrencies based on a meme of a dog. The founders of Dogecoin monetized a digital joke by understanding their target market, which mainly consisted of millennials who consumed memes.

Pepecoin took this to the next level by turning the meme associated with the most online, crypto-savvy demographic into a memecoin. The founders of Pepecoin understood cryptocurrency history in online circles and capitalized on that knowledge.

Controversy is a Must

Bitcoin, the founding father of the broader crypto industry, was created by an anonymous entity that wanted to revamp the global financial system based on a digital currency. Its creation was unprecedented, which set the tone for the industry’s edgy and controversial nature.

On a smaller scale, troll culture drives the memecoin industry. Dogecoin’s success was due to its originality and edginess, which Shiba Inu lacked. Pepe, on the other hand, capitalized on a meme associated with an internet fringe. The Pepecoin founders’ keen eye for tactful controversy and tone-deaf overkill produced a cryptocurrency that touched a billion-dollar market cap within weeks of its launch.

“Pump the Frog.”

“That’s it. That’s Pepecoin’s slogan. Not even the best copywriter in the world could explain why exactly it works, but it simply does.

When it comes to writing sharp content, whether it’s a crypto slogan, a social post, or an op-ed, the general rule is to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. This is easier said than done, especially with shorter content. Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are much better suited for long-form content than social posts and titles.

Memecoins succeed on short-form content. It’s not deep thought leadership or visionary market analysis that drives their success, but rather witty tweets, Reddit threads, and, most importantly, funny memes. Any crypto project looking to go viral needs the best marketers and PR pros they can find, whether through an agency or in-house, to have the best chance of going viral.

The difference between winging it and hiring professionals is the difference between Pepecoin and others that never make a dent.

This information is not meant to be investment, tax, or financial advice. You should seek advice from a licensed professional regarding your specific situation.

Motti Peer is the Chairman and Co-CEO of ReBlonde, an award-winning PR agency specializing in technology and crypto.

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