The Nansen Report states that the Arbitrum airdrop had a positive effect on the adoption of the network despite unfavorable conditions in the cryptocurrency market.

A recent report from Nansen, a blockchain analytics firm, indicates that Arbitrum’s airdrop has caused an all-time high in the number of users and transactions on the network. This increase in usage is notable in light of the bearish sentiment in the broader markets. While the rise in usage during the airdrop was expected, the report also revealed that the network’s usage has remained relatively high even after the airdrop ended. Arbitrum even surpassed Ethereum’s base layer usage on some days. In contrast, other networks like Optimism saw stagnant or falling usage over the same period.

The airdrop boosted transaction fees on Arbitrum, which are paid in ETH, and gas spending has been on an upward trend for much of this year, as noted in the report. The report also stated that it remains to be seen whether this trend will persist for many more months after the airdrop.

The Nansen report observed a similar pattern in terms of the USD value of transactions processed on the network: a sharp rise followed almost immediately by a decline post-airdrop. Nonetheless, transactions have maintained a higher USD value than before the airdrop.

Arbitrum is a popular Ethereum layer-2 network that is frequently used to save on fees when interacting with decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Other common layer-2 networks include Optimism and Starkware for Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.