The Agenda podcast discusses crypto’s future and adoption.

The Agenda podcast discusses crypto's future and adoption.

Exploring the Evolving Landscape of the Blockchain Industry

Originally published on Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph’s podcast “The Agenda” has been a platform for discussing various topics related to the blockchain industry. From exploring how cryptocurrency can aid sex workers in circumventing bank censorship to discussing the potential of blockchain technology in fighting climate change and combatting misinformation, the podcast has delved into a wide range of subjects since its launch in December 2022.

In celebration of their 20th episode, the co-hosts, Jonathan DeYoung and Ray Salmond, interviewed each other to gain insights into their experiences hosting the podcast, their personal journeys in the blockchain realm, and their predictions for the future of Bitcoin (BTC), among other aspects.

Takeaways and Lessons Learned

Jonathan DeYoung initiated the interview by asking Ray Salmond if he had garnered any new knowledge through hosting “The Agenda.” Salmond emphasized the importance of focusing on a project’s long-term fundamentals rather than solely fixating on short-term token prices. He encouraged listeners to look beyond token fluctuations and evaluate the progress a project is making toward its mission.

Salmond’s observation resonates with the blockchain industry’s emphasis on community building and long-term viability. The podcast has provided a platform for builders, founders, and projects to showcase their dedication to their mission, highlighting the significance of looking beyond the volatile nature of token prices.

Ray Salmond reciprocated the question by asking Jonathan DeYoung what initially captivated him about blockchain technology. DeYoung shared his revelation that decentralization in the crypto space mirrored the principles he learned while working in community disaster resilience. He drew parallels between how local communities’ control in disaster management fosters preparedness and resilience, and how decentralization on a larger scale can empower individuals in various aspects of life.

DeYoung’s analogy aptly illustrates the scope and potential of blockchain technology, showcasing its ability to revolutionize not only finance but also numerous other spheres where decentralization and community empowerment are paramount.

The Future of Crypto

Both DeYoung and Salmond were intrigued by each other’s visions for the future of the crypto industry. DeYoung is optimistic about the inevitability of widespread adoption due to the indications pointing in that direction. However, he cautioned against the potential co-opting of the technology by powerful interests, as has often occurred with new technologies.

DeYoung visualizes a future where crypto operates similarly to today’s internet, with a few centralized infrastructure providers that facilitate its use without users fully comprehending the underlying technology. Although he believes radical blockchain implementations will always exist, he foresees a possibility of the industry becoming more mainstream and standardized over time.

Salmond shares DeYoung’s belief in mainstream adoption but dismisses the idea of the crypto industry being in a bubble. He compares the current state of the market to a wand that has yet to be dipped into the soapy solution needed to create a bubble. While he does not anticipate Bitcoin replacing the US dollar as an international reserve currency, he envisions corporations and governments globally incorporating Bitcoin into their balance sheets and sovereign wealth funds.

The co-hosts’ contrasting perspectives highlight the dynamism of the blockchain industry. Their discussions shed light on the potential trajectory of crypto, acknowledging the possibility of mass adoption while recognizing the dual nature of both mainstream and radical blockchain implementations.

To gain more insights into DeYoung and Salmond’s conversation, and to discover their perspectives on the evolution of the crypto space, their dream blockchain projects, and more, listeners can tune in to the full episode on Cointelegraph’s Podcasts page, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.


As the blockchain industry continues to grow and develop, podcasts like “The Agenda” provide a valuable platform for discussions that explore various aspects of this transformative technology. By focusing on long-term fundamentals and the potential for decentralized solutions, builders and founders are showcasing the true power and value of blockchain beyond the volatility of token prices. Both optimism and caution surround the future of crypto, with predictions highlighting the likelihood of mainstream adoption and the integration of blockchain technology by corporations and governments. As the industry progresses, podcast discussions like these serve as beacons, guiding listeners through the evolving landscape of the blockchain industry.