Space and Time introduces Proof of SQL to enhance ZK-Proven query outcomes.

Space and Time introduces Proof of SQL to enhance ZK-Proven query outcomes.

The Blockchain Industry: A New Era of Decentralized Data Solutions

In this era of decentralized technologies reshaping industries and empowering innovation, Space and Time, a Web 3.0 startup, has emerged as a pioneering force in the field of decentralized data solutions. With its groundbreaking initiative, Proof of SQL, Space and Time aims to herald a new era for data integrity and security, particularly in the realm of zero-knowledge (ZK) proof query results.

The Importance of Space and Time’s Proof of SQL Initiative

Ensuring Trust and Verifiability in Decentralized Applications (DApps)

The world of Decentralized Applications (DApps) has long grappled with the challenge of ensuring trust and verifiability in interactions between parties. Smart contracts, which are a cornerstone of decentralized technologies, rely heavily on accurate and tamper-proof data to execute predefined actions. Space and Time’s Proof of SQL seeks to bolster the reliability of decentralized solutions by introducing an innovative approach to query result verifications.

By harnessing the power of zk proofs, Proof of SQL enables smart contracts to verify the accuracy of query outcomes without exposing the underlying data. This breakthrough not only enhances the security of smart contract operations but also paves the way for a more transparent and efficient decentralized ecosystem.

Revolutionizing Data Sharing and Collaboration

Moreover, Proof of SQL provides enterprises with a mechanism for securely accessing critical information while maintaining data privacy. By providing zk-proven query results, enterprises can confidently access and validate critical data without revealing sensitive details. This advancement has the potential to revolutionize data-sharing practices by enabling collaborations and partnerships that were previously hindered by privacy concerns.

Advancing the Capabilities of Language Processing Technologies

In addition to enhancing the security and trustworthiness of decentralized applications, Proof of SQL holds significant potential in advancing the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs, such as ChatGPT, have transformed the landscape of natural language processing and AI-driven interactions. These models rely on accurate inputs to generate meaningful and contextually relevant outputs.

Space and Time’s Proof of SQL injects a new layer of credibility into the data sources used for training LLMs. By utilizing zk-proofs to verify query results, the reliability of input data can be established without compromising privacy. This advancement could lead to more accurate, unbiased, and trustworthy AI models, further advancing the capabilities of language processing technologies.

Space and Time Launches Data Warehouse

To support its innovative initiatives, Space and Time recently announced the beta release of its data warehouse and developer suite. This launch allows developers to leverage provable computation against on-chain and off-chain data, empowering them to build and deploy decentralized applications, smart contracts, and verifiable AI models.

The launch of Space and Time’s data warehouse further solidifies its commitment to providing cutting-edge decentralized data solutions. Last year, the startup raised $20 million in a strategic funding round led by M12, the venture arm of Microsoft Corporation. These funds were earmarked for accelerating engineering and product development, positioning Space and Time as a pioneering force in bringing SQL to Web3.


Space and Time’s Proof of SQL initiative represents a significant leap forward in the blockchain industry. By addressing the challenges of trust, verifiability, and data privacy, Space and Time is pushing the boundaries of what decentralized data can achieve. With their data warehouse and developer suite, they are providing developers with the tools they need to build a new generation of decentralized applications, smart contracts, and verifiable AI models.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Space and Time’s innovative solutions are poised to revolutionize various sectors, from finance to healthcare and beyond. Through the power of blockchain technology and decentralized data solutions, the future holds immense potential for transparency, efficiency, and trust in our digital interactions.