South Korea’s Financial Intelligence Unit urges crypto platforms to enhance compliance measures

South Korea's Financial Intelligence Unit urges crypto platforms to enhance compliance measures

The Rapidly Evolving Blockchain Industry in South Korea

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The blockchain industry in South Korea is heading towards a new phase of development and regulation. As part of this process, the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU) recently held a meeting with key players in the crypto industry to discuss the importance of preventing illegal activities.

During the meeting, KoFIU Commissioner Rhee Yunsu emphasized the need for increased efforts to uncover and analyze crypto-related crimes. In response, the agency announced the establishment of a specialized “strategic analysis team” dedicated to focusing on crypto-related crimes. The goal is to provide law enforcement and investigators with more meaningful and valuable data to effectively combat illegal activities within the industry.

To achieve this, the meeting highlighted the necessity for the crypto industry to strengthen its compliance capacity and responsiveness. By doing so, the industry will be better equipped to prevent and address illegal activities that may arise within the blockchain ecosystem.

Collaboration between the Government and the Crypto Industry

The timing of this meeting is significant as it follows the creation of a joint crypto crime unit by the South Korean government. This interagency investigation unit will operate from the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and will consist of 30 investigators from various agencies, including the Prosecutor’s Office, the Financial Supervisory Service, the National Tax Service, and the Korea Customs Service.

South Korea has always been a prominent market for cryptocurrencies, attracting both investors and budding crypto companies. However, recent times have witnessed a shift in the government’s stance towards the industry, leading to more stringent measures and increased scrutiny.

Stricter Control Measures and Actions against Crypto Industry

In the context of this changing landscape, authorities in South Korea have taken decisive action. Local exchange Bithumb, one of the industry’s key players, faced a raid by prosecutors, who accused the exchange of price manipulation in the crypto market. Such actions underline the government’s determination to maintain integrity and stability within the blockchain industry.

Additionally, notable individuals within the Korean blockchain community have also faced legal repercussions. Terra founder and Korean national, Do Kwon, had his passport confiscated after being found guilty of attempting to leave the country using a fake passport. These cases serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining transparency and adhering to legal standards within the industry.


The recent meeting between KoFIU and the crypto industry, along with the establishment of a joint crypto crime unit, highlights the government’s commitment to curbing illegal activities within the blockchain ecosystem. By fostering collaboration and enhancing compliance capacities, South Korea aims to ensure the integrity and growth of its blockchain industry.

As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for all stakeholders to work together to establish a robust regulatory framework that balances innovation and security. This ongoing effort will lead to greater confidence among investors, support from law enforcement agencies, and ultimately, the sustainable development of the blockchain industry in South Korea.