Shiba Inu’s price surges with $100M volume and this $1 Bitcoin alternative has already raised $2M. Is it too late to buy SHIB?

Shiba Inu's price surges with $100M volume and this $1 Bitcoin alternative has already raised $2M. Is it too late to buy SHIB?

The Blockchain Industry: A Tale of Recovery and Revolution

The blockchain industry, like any other market, experiences its fair share of ups and downs. One particular coin that has garnered attention is Shiba Inu (SHIB), which has faced a challenging two-year period of downside price action. However, there are now signs of hope for a potential recovery rally. Let’s dive deeper into the world of meme coins and explore the possibilities that consolidation brings.

The Consolidation Pattern: A Build-Up of Tension

Shiba Inu’s journey has been turbulent, with a decline of over 91% since its all-time high during the 2021 bull run. The price action has now reached rock-bottom levels, causing anticipation for a potential recovery. Interestingly, the past month has seen sustained consolidation above the Moving Average 20 (MA20) – a sign that price action may have found a solid base.

During this consolidation period, SHIB price action has ranged for 35 days, with the coin currently trading at $0.00000782 with a 24-hour change of -1.26%. It’s worth noting that movements to the upside were ignited on June 10th, when a bounce off the lower trendline support propelled SHIB by 43% in value, leading to the critical reclamation of the 20-day Moving Average on June 20th 1.

As hopeful as this consolidation may seem, it’s essential to assess the indicators. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently hints at a minor bearish divergence at 51.28 – a signal that a further period of consolidation may be necessary 2. Similarly, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is showing a completely neutral signal at 0.00 – suggesting that the outcome remains uncertain 3.

From a technical analysis standpoint, a double rejection from the upper price level resistance at $0.0000085 could imply that an upside move is unlikely. This presents a challenging risk-reward profile for SHIB, with limited upside potential (+8.15%) and more significant downside risk (-30.8%). Therefore, the short-term risk-reward ratio stands at 0.26, making it a less attractive entry point 4.

Paving the Way for Meaningful Innovations: BTC20 and the Bitcoin Revolution

While meme coins continue to captivate the market, there are other projects that aim to revolutionize the blockchain industry. One noteworthy project is BTC20, which promises to revitalize Bitcoin and create a greener network for future generations 5.

BTC20, an offshoot project with a unique vision, has already attracted attention due to its robust development team and its long-term growth strategy. In just the first week, BTC20 experienced an influx of volume surpassing $2.5 million. Unlike the pump-and-dump schemes commonly associated with straight-to-DEX launches, BTC20 has taken a different approach, forging a dedicated community of holders through a novel presale fundraiser 6.

The Promise of BTC20: A Reinvented Bitcoin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own an entire Bitcoin? BTC20 aims to fulfill that dream with its innovative approach. Built on the ERC-20 proof-of-stake technology, BTC20 embraces the backbone of Ethereum while striving to stand the test of time. This reinvented Bitcoin offers the potential to mint an entirely new generation of Bitcoiners, all while promoting a greener network and passive income generation 7.

Addressing Bitcoin’s Dirty Energy Problem with BTC20

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model has long been criticized for its high energy consumption, often reliant on coal-fired power stations. In fact, the carbon emissions resulting from Bitcoin mining have become a pressing global issue, with Beijing even banning Bitcoin mining due to environmental concerns. One report from 2021 revealed that the Bitcoin network alone was responsible for a staggering 113 metric tons of carbon emissions, a significant increase from 0.9 metric tons in 2016 8.

BTC20 emerges as a solution to these pressing environmental issues. By embracing proof-of-stake blockchain technology, BTC20 offers a cleaner and less demanding alternative for Bitcoin transactions. This shift could potentially reduce Bitcoin network carbon emissions by a staggering 99.95% 9.

Staking Rewards: A Win-Win Situation

BTC20 aims to deliver various benefits to token holders through a unique stake-to-earn mechanism. The team plans to launch this mechanism in Q4 of this year, enabling holders to earn staking rewards based on the number of tokens they stake. Notably, the amount of rewards issued will be proportionate to the staking quantity and blocks validated 10.

To provide a better understanding, let’s consider an example. Imagine a holder decides to stake 5,000 BTC20 tokens for a one-year period. Based on the projected rewards structure, they would receive approximately 3,285 BTC20 tokens, resulting in a rough Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 65.70% 11.

Attractive Tokenomics: Presale Opportunities

With a presale price of just $1 per BTC20 token, interest is surging as Bitcoin enthusiasts race to secure a stake in the 3 million tokens available in the presale. The potential for growth is immense. Even if BTC20 were to capture just 10% of Bitcoin’s current market cap ($58 billion), the value of BTC20 would increase by a staggering 278,900% 12.

Looking Towards the Future: Long-term Sustainability

BTC20 boasts a total tokenomic supply mirroring Bitcoin’s 21 million tokens. The development team has a 120-year roadmap, indicating their commitment to the long-term sustainability of the project. It’s possible that BTC20 could outlive the original Bitcoin itself, opening new horizons for the blockchain industry 13.

BTC20 has already gained substantial traction and the endorsement of notable analysts, including Jacob Bury. The excitement surrounding BTC20’s presale launch is palpable, inviting early adopters to connect on social media platforms and familiarize themselves with the project’s next-generation technology 14.

Joining the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain technology continues to evolve, bringing both challenges and innovative solutions to the industry. Shiba Inu’s current consolidation pattern presents an opportunity for potential recovery, while projects like BTC20 aim to revolutionize the way we perceive and engage with cryptocurrencies.

As with any investment, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and understand the risks involved. The cryptocurrency market, including meme coins and innovative projects, is inherently volatile, and proper due diligence is essential before making any investment decisions.

So, whether you find yourself rooting for the SHIB army or exploring the future of Bitcoin through BTC20, the blockchain industry promises an exciting journey filled with risks, rewards, and endless possibilities.


Crypto investments carry a high level of risk. This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Be aware that there is a possibility of losing all of your capital when investing in cryptocurrencies.


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