Senator urges tech firms to label AI-made content.

United States Senator Michael Bennet has called on tech companies to label AI-generated content and monitor any misleading content produced by artificial intelligence (AI).

In a letter dated June 29 and addressed to executives of major tech companies involved with AI, including ChatGPT creator OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, and Alphabet, Bennet emphasized the importance of users being aware when AI is used to create content.

Bennet expressed concerns about the disruptive consequences of fake images on the economy and trust, particularly when they are politically motivated.

“Continuing to produce and disseminate AI-generated content without clear, easily understandable identifiers poses an unacceptable risk to public discourse and electoral integrity.”

The senator also highlighted that while some companies have started labeling AI-generated content, the policies in place are “alarmingly reliant on voluntary compliance.”

In the letter, Bennet requested that company executives address concerns regarding standards for identifying AI-generated content, implementing those standards, and the consequences for rule violations by July 31.

So far, the only company to respond is Twitter, reportedly with a poop emoji.

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European lawmakers have also expressed similar concerns about non-labeled AI content leading to misinformation.

On June 5, Vera Jourova, the European Commission’s vice president for values and transparency, stated to the media her belief that companies using generative AI tools with the “potential to generate disinformation” should label the content to prevent its spread.

Although the U.S. currently lacks comprehensive AI legislation, on June 8, lawmakers proposed two bipartisan bills aimed at transparency and innovation in the AI field.

One of the bills, proposed by Democratic Senator Gary Peters and Republican Senators Mike Braun and James Lankford, would require the government to be transparent about its use of AI.

The other bill, introduced by Bennet and fellow Democratic Senator Mark Warner, along with Republican Senator Todd Young, would establish an official Office of Global Competition Analysis.

In March 2023, Bennet also commented on the instability of the crypto industry following the collapse of Signature Bank.

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