SEC chair highlights crypto risks in budget request, downplays Ripple ruling impact.

SEC chair highlights crypto risks in budget request, downplays Ripple ruling impact.

The SEC Calls for Enhanced Measures to Address Misconduct in the Crypto Space


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair, Gary Gensler, has recently emphasized the need for additional tools, expertise, and resources to tackle misconduct within the crypto industry. During a hearing with the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Gensler expressed his support for the Biden administration’s budget request, which allocates over $2.4 billion to the SEC for the 2024 fiscal year. Gensler cited the “Wild West of the crypto markets” as one of the reasons behind the request, highlighting the prevalence of noncompliance within the industry.

The Need for Increased Resources

Gensler stressed the importance of having sufficient resources to address the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving crypto space. He outlined the SEC’s plan to increase the number of full-time positions from 4,685 in 2023 to 5,139 in 2024 with the allocated funding. The commission’s enforcement division handled more than 750 enforcement actions in 2022. However, Gensler acknowledged that the continuous technological innovations in the crypto industry have led to an increase in misconduct.

To effectively regulate the crypto space, Gensler emphasized the need for additional resources. He expressed his openness to receiving more funding if deemed necessary by the Senate Appropriations Committee. This would enable the SEC to enhance its capabilities in monitoring and enforcing compliance within the industry.

Addressing Misconduct in the Crypto Space

The SEC’s focus on addressing misconduct in the crypto industry reflects the growing concerns surrounding the lack of regulatory oversight. Gensler’s call for increased resources aligns with the need to establish a level playing field and protect investors from fraudulent activities. By allocating more funds to the SEC, the government aims to strengthen the regulatory framework and ensure a fair and transparent crypto market.

Assessing the Ripple Case

During the hearing, Gensler faced questions regarding the SEC’s role in overseeing bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Additionally, his remarks followed a recent ruling in the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit. In this case, a federal judge stated that XRP (XRP) was not necessarily a security. While Gensler acknowledged the need to assess the implications of the ruling, his testimony indicated that his position on regulation through enforcement remained unchanged.


As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, regulatory bodies like the SEC play a crucial role in maintaining market integrity and protecting investors. The SEC Chair’s call for enhanced measures and resources reflects the challenges posed by the “Wild West” nature of the crypto markets. By allocating additional funding to the SEC, the government aims to equip the regulatory body with the necessary tools to address misconduct effectively. This will not only foster investor confidence but also promote the long-term sustainability and legitimacy of the blockchain industry.