SEC approves AI rules for brokers: Game-changer for AltSignals?

SEC approves AI rules for brokers: Game-changer for AltSignals?

The SEC’s New Rules on AI Application by Brokers and Its Impact on AltSignals

The cryptocurrency industry has been navigating complex regulatory landscapes, with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) playing a prominent role in shaping the future of digital assets. In a recent move, the SEC approved new rules targeting brokers who integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their platforms. This decision comes at a time when AI is gaining significant traction across various sectors of the global economy. The implications of these regulations for AltSignals, the trading firm behind the upcoming ActualizeAI, are worth exploring.

Understanding the SEC’s New Rules on AI Application by Brokers

Brokers, serving as intermediaries for cryptocurrency transactions, often employ optimization technology to enhance their services. The SEC aims to establish new rules surrounding these “optimization functions,” specifically addressing the use of AI and data analytics tools by brokers to gain unfair advantages. The regulatory changes seek to prevent potential conflicts of interest that may arise when brokers leverage these technologies to attract and interact with investors.

According to a fact sheet published by the SEC, the use of algorithms and models in conjunction with AI can create conflicts of interest in the crypto market. Brokers may be tempted to exploit these technologies to lure investors, compromising the fairness of the trading ecosystem. The proposed rules apply to broker-dealers registered with the SEC and are subject to a 60-day period for public feedback before a final vote. It is important to note that no crypto entity is currently registered as a national securities exchange.

Potential Impact on AltSignals and Similar AI-powered Trading Platforms

AltSignals, a well-established trading platform offering market signals to traders, is currently in the process of integrating blockchain technology and an AI-powered layer into its proprietary trading algorithm. AltSignals’ upcoming platform, ActualizeAI, will be fueled by a native crypto token called ASI. The company has initiated a presale for early backers of its AI layer, raising more than $1.21 million.

While the SEC’s new rules on AI application by brokers may introduce additional compliance requirements and operational challenges, they also offer an opportunity for AltSignals and similar AI-powered trading platforms. The recent adoption of regulatory measures, such as the European Union’s EU AI Act, suggests that aligning the sector with consumer protection measures could spur the next wave of adoption for AltSignals.

Exploring Opportunities for Investors using ActualizeAI and ASI

AltSignals’ AltAlgo algorithm already provides trading signals with a win rate of approximately 64%, making it an attractive choice for traders. However, the forthcoming AI-infused layer, ActualizeAI, has the potential to significantly improve accuracy levels. The whitepaper outlines the integration of machine learning, natural language processing, and other features, projecting an average accuracy rate of 80% across buy and sell signals. This real-time access and automation capabilities offered by ActualizeAI could revolutionize trading across the industry.

ASI token holders will gain exclusive access to the AltSignals AI platform upon its launch. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to earn more tokens through staking or participating in product development programs. For particularly strategic investors holding 50,000 tokens, the benefits extend even further. This level of investment not only provides unlimited access to ActualizeAI but also entitles holders to mint the “Access AI Pass.” This pass unlocks a passive income stream via a revenue-sharing model tied to all products within the ActualizeAI ecosystem.

Join the AltSignals Presale and Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about AltSignals or participating in the presale, visit their official website at By capitalizing on the integration of blockchain technology and AI, AltSignals aims to bring a new level of accuracy and automation to cryptocurrency trading, providing investors with exciting opportunities.

In conclusion, the SEC’s new rules on AI application by brokers highlight the importance of regulatory oversight in the cryptocurrency industry. While these regulations may pose challenges, they also create opportunities for innovative platforms like AltSignals. As the industry continues to evolve, the integration of blockchain and AI technologies promises to revolutionize trading, offering investors increased accuracy, real-time access, and the potential for passive income generation.