Satoshi Labs launches AI tool to convert selfies into NFTs

Satoshi Lab (FSL), the parent company of the popular Web3 game STEPN, is launching an NFT generator powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The tool, called GNT V3, aims to fuse creativity with the intersection of AI and Web3 technology. Working in partnership with MOOAR, FSL’s newly launched NFT marketplace, GNT V3 takes a user’s selfie as input to create AI-generated images that are minted on the Solana blockchain.

Yawn Rong, co-founder of FSL, said in a press release that GNT V3 has the potential to revolutionize digital identity in Web3.

“This marks the beginning of a new era of Web3 technology, where individuality merges with blockchain technology to redefine personal expression,” said Rong. “With GNT, we’re pushing the boundaries of digital self-expression and enabling users to become creators of their own unique digital masterpieces, ready to be showcased and monetized in the vibrant Web3 ecosystem.”

Last month, FSL released GNT V1, which allowed artists to mint individual NFTs on the MOOAR marketplace. Later in April, it rolled out GNT V2, which improved its AI model.

“The world is discovering the pros and cons of AI technology, but we have been working for months to do something novel with the tech,” said Jerry Huang, FSL co-founder, in a press release.

In November, FSL released MOOAR, providing STEPN users with a native marketplace to trade their NFT sneakers that are necessary for gameplay.