Reddit tokens surge on Kraken listing

Reddit tokens surge on Kraken listing

Exploring the Rise of Moon and Brick in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry is known for its rapid growth and innovation, with new tokens and cryptocurrencies constantly being introduced into the market. Recently, two tokens called Moon and Brick, created by users of the popular social media platform Reddit, have gained significant attention after being listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken. These tokens have experienced remarkable price surges, with Moon up by 48% and Brick up by an incredible 443% in the past week alone.

The Listing on Kraken

In an announcement made on August 7th, Kraken revealed that it was adding Moon and Brick for spot trading and perpetual futures. However, at the time of publication, only deposits of these tokens were possible through the Arbitrum Nova network. This listing has created a buzz in the blockchain community, as it opens up new opportunities for traders and investors to engage with these tokens.

Moon: A Community Token for r/CryptoCurrency

Moon is a community token specifically created for the popular subreddit, r/CryptoCurrency. It serves as a reward for users’ engagement on the platform, such as commenting on posts and creating new ones. The concept of incentivizing content production through tokens is at the heart of Reddit’s Community Points (RCP) initiative.

These tokens have become an integral part of the r/CryptoCurrency community, enabling users to not only earn rewards but also exchange Moon for badges and emojis within the subreddit. Additionally, holding Moon grants users voting rights for community polls, allowing them to actively participate in shaping the future of the subreddit.

Brick: Building the FortNiteBR Community

In a similar vein, Brick is a community token designed for the r/FortNiteBR subreddit, dedicated to the popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite. Rather than being utilized solely for engagement, Bricks are distributed to users based on their Karma points, a measure of reputation on Reddit. This distribution occurs every four weeks via Reddit Vault, a native crypto wallet built by Reddit.

Brick tokens hold significant value within the r/FortNiteBR community, as they can be exchanged for special memberships and unlock additional features within the subreddit. This incentivization mechanism not only rewards active participants but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty among its members.

Market Cap Comparison and Community Size

As of now, Moon has a fully diluted market cap of $44.3 million, while Brick stands at $17.0 million. These valuations speak to the popularity and demand for these community tokens. It is worth noting that the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit boasts a massive 6.6 million members compared to the 2.7 million members of r/FortNiteBR, further highlighting the potential user base and impact these tokens can have.

Reddit’s Vision for the Future

The introduction of Moon and Brick tokens is part of Reddit’s broader commitment to decentralized finance (DeFi) and community empowerment. By utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Reddit aims to incentivize content creation and provide a platform where users can have a more active role in shaping the communities they belong to.

One noteworthy aspect of Reddit’s approach is its focus on the user experience. When exchanging their community tokens for rewards, Reddit covers the gas fees required for transactions. This gesture ensures that users can easily access the benefits of their engagement without incurring additional costs.

Furthermore, token holders are given the opportunity to participate in governance proposals, influencing the development and functionality of these tokens. This inclusive approach empowers the community to collectively steer the future of the platform, ensuring that it remains responsive to the needs and desires of its users.


The rise of Moon and Brick as community tokens on Reddit exemplifies the increasing integration of blockchain technology into various industries. These tokens not only provide incentives for active user engagement but also foster a greater sense of community within specific subreddits. With their growing market capitalization and sustained demand, Moon and Brick showcase the potential blockchain has for revolutionizing the way we interact and engage in digital communities.

The Kraken listing announcement in the r/CryptoCurrency subReddit The Kraken listing announcement in the r/CryptoCurrency subReddit