Peter Brandt claims Bitcoin is superior and labels other cryptocurrencies as scams.

Renowned trading expert Peter Brandt has recently stated his firm belief that Bitcoin (BTC) is the only cryptocurrency worth considering, and has dismissed Ethereum (ETH) and other digital currencies as mere imitators or scams. Brandt boldly stated on Twitter that Bitcoin is the only contender to emerge victorious in the marathon of the crypto industry, and all other digital assets, including Ethereum, lack the potential for long-term success and should be regarded with caution. Brandt’s stance on altcoins extends back to June 2022 when he criticized the Ethereum Merge, describing it as a “piece of cr*p crypto” due to the network’s inefficiencies and high transaction fees. He went so far as to compare the Merge to a rebuild of the ill-fated LZ 129 Hindenburg airship. Despite his skepticism, Brandt did offer analysis on XRP earlier this year, projecting a minimum target of $3 for the asset. However, he generally maintains little interest in assets that he believes will ultimately plummet to zero.