PEPE’s steady ascent fuels profit speculation.

This is an article discussing the recent resurgence of the meme coin, PEPE. Although the coin had previously faced a decline in popularity, it has been generating buzz among enthusiasts and observers alike as its price has seen a remarkable seven-day increase of nearly 10%. The article explores the reasons behind this newfound momentum and how PEPE has managed to overcome its tumultuous past and forge a path towards redemption.

The recent surge in PEPE’s price has brought optimism to its enthusiasts and has also paved the way for a potential bullish reversal. This upward momentum has been accompanied by a breakthrough as the meme coin managed to surpass the bearish trendline. However, there are still hurdles to overcome on the path to recovery, with bulls encountering resistance at the $0.00000115 level, which marks an important threshold.

The article also highlights that the fortunes of PEPE are closely tied to the performance of Bitcoin bulls, as the leading cryptocurrency experiences further upside movement, investors are likely to flock to PEPE in search of short-term gains.