PEPE3 Coin Soars 10,000% in 24 Hours, Experts Warn of Scam and Switch to Another Coin

PEPE3 Coin Soars 10,000% in 24 Hours, Experts Warn of Scam and Switch to Another Coin

Pepe3: A Spin-off Meme Coin Surging +10,000% then Dumping, Leaving Holders in the Dust


The blockchain industry is never short of surprises, and Pepe3, a spin-off meme token of the popular Pepecoin ($PEPE), has recently made a stunning launch. In just a short period, Pepe3 has managed to skyrocket by an extraordinary +10,000%. This astounding price action has propelled Pepe3 to become the second hottest trending coin on decentralized exchange (DEX) markets within a span of 24 hours.

Pepe3’s journey began in the early hours of July 31 when it was launched at 2 AM. The token saw an impressive opening hour as its price instantly surged by a mesmerizing +2,750%. This substantial move drew the attention of numerous DEX traders who eagerly hopped on board to ride the latest skyrocketing trend. Within the next 5 hours, Pepe3 witnessed a massive trading volume of over $2 million, reaching an all-time high at $0.0238 by 6 AM. This remarkable surge in price resulted in early backers making an almost unimaginable +10,000% profit in just 6 hours, driving Pepe3’s market capitalization to a near-instant $1.7 million.

However, the adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” proved to be accurate for the unfortunate 527 holders of Pepe3 on DEX platforms. The subsequent dump in price obliterated their gains, resulting in a devastating -95% loss. This rapid collapse in price led to allegations of the token being a scam coin. Despite this rollercoaster price action, a number of astute investors have wisely shifted their capital into more stable projects with strong community traction.

Wall Street Memes: The Biggest Meme Coin Presale of 2023?

Wall Street Memes

Born from the Occupy Wall Street culture and fueled by the NFT success of the renowned investor forum, Wall Street Bets, Wall Street Memes is a meme coin that stands out from the crowd. With a community of over 1 million followers, this near-sell-out token presale is swiftly becoming the most highly anticipated meme coin launch since the meteoric rise of Pepecoin ($PEPE).

Wall Street Memes aims to build on the triumph of Wall Street Bets’ top NFT project by revolutionizing the meme coin market. These tokens seek to embody the powerful sentiment of the anti-bank movement and redefine our perception of digital value. What attracts investors most is the democratic price of just $0.0328 per token. The WSM presale has already raised nearly $20 million, with the seed funding pot currently at $18.8 million.

The rapidly growing presale indicates that lucrative gains may be unlocked with Wall Street Memes, particularly due to the built-in +30% benefit for presale investors during the initial listing. As the token allocation reveals, 30% of the supply is dedicated to community rewards, 20% goes toward liquidity, and 50% is available in the presale. This approach makes Wall Street Memes a democratic project for the masses.

Wall Street Memes Taps into Multi-Million Follower Traction

Wall Street Memes

In alignment with its anti-bank philosophy, Wall Street Memes allocates a significant portion of its token supply to community rewards and liquidity. This unique approach has fueled explosive growth on social media platforms, resulting in an impressive community of more than 1 million followers. Such tremendous community growth is expected to attract major centralized exchange listings, like Gate.Io, which will further propel the $WSM token on its incredible moonshot trajectory.

Capitalizing on the success of the Wall Street Bets NFT collection, Wall Street Memes continues to thrive on the momentum generated by that iconic moment in history when $WSM burst onto the scene. Investors are strongly advised not to miss out on the opportunity to participate in the next skyrocketing meme token.

Disclaimer: Crypto investments carry high risks. This article is solely for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. Please be aware that there is potential to lose all of your capital.