Owner says Shiba Wings customers love food, not crypto.

Shiba Wings, an Australian fast-food diner that opened in March, has been doing well with customers ordering their fried food. However, the use of crypto payments hasn’t been popular among customers. The diner, which is themed around the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency, saw around $168 worth of crypto payments during its first week, but this amount dropped to an average of $34 per week in the months that followed. The owner of the diner, known as “Elijah,” said that crypto payments were not the main focus of the business, which was more focused on providing high-quality food and building the Shiba Wings brand. Despite this, Elijah plans to use the Shiba Inu brand to launch more franchises and compete with fast-food giant McDonald’s. Elijah also plans to release an NFT that will allow holders to own a share of the business and receive quarterly dividends. According to a survey conducted by crypto exchange Crypto.com, 55% of Australian merchants and consumers were interested in purchasing goods and services with cryptocurrency.