OGN surges 28% as Bitcoin hits $29.3k.

OGN surges 28% as Bitcoin hits $29.3k.

The Rise of Origin Protocol: A Glimpse into the Blockchain Industry


The blockchain industry has been constantly evolving, with various projects and tokens competing for attention and adoption. One recent standout performer is Origin Protocol (OGN), whose native token experienced a significant price surge of 28% to surpass $0.12. This impressive rally caught the attention of many investors and enthusiasts within the blockchain space. At the same time, Bitcoin also saw an upward movement, reaching $29,328. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind OGN’s price rally and dive deeper into the growing interest in Ethereum liquid staking.

The OGN Price Rally

OGN’s price rally was particularly noteworthy due to its timing amidst a relatively calm period for most cryptocurrencies. While other altcoins remained relatively stable, OGN stood out with its impressive gains. Although there wasn’t a specific event or news that triggered this rally, it seems to be linked to the increased interest in Ethereum liquid staking.

Ethereum Liquid Staking and the Emergence of LSTfi

Since the launch of Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade, staked ETH volumes have experienced a significant spike. With this increase, a new subsector within the blockchain industry has emerged: liquid staking token finance (LSTfi). One of the leading platforms in this space is Origin Ether (OETH), which offers a liquid staking yield aggregator.

The protocol, which integrates with multiple DeFi dApps such as Lido, Rocket Pool, and Frax, has gained popularity and accessibility across wallets, DEXs, yield farms, and analytics pages. Within just two months of its market debut, Origin Ether has managed to surpass $84 million in total value locked (TVL), showcasing its growing traction within the blockchain industry.

OGN’s Connection to Origin Ether

Origin Protocol’s OGN token has benefited from its association with Origin Ether and the growing interest in Ethereum liquid staking. By integrating with Origin Ether, OGN has become part of a broader ecosystem that enables users to stake their ETH while still having access to liquidity and potential yield.

Origin Ether’s strong performance, combined with its seamless integration with various DeFi applications, has provided OGN with an additional avenue for growth and exposure. As a result, OGN’s value has surged, catching the attention of investors and putting it ahead of other notable altcoins like Compound (COMP), Convex Finance (CVX), and Solana (SOL).


The rise of Origin Protocol’s OGN token is a testament to the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry. Despite the general stability in the cryptocurrency market, OGN managed to exhibit substantial gains. This rally can be attributed to the increased interest in Ethereum liquid staking, specifically through platforms like Origin Ether.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, we can expect more novel subsectors to emerge, providing users with innovative ways to leverage their assets and participate in the growing decentralized finance ecosystem. The success of projects like Origin Ether highlights the potential for disruptive developments within the blockchain industry, and investors and enthusiasts alike should closely monitor these advancements for promising investment opportunities.

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