Nvidia unveils AI supercomputer for ChatGPT successors

Nvidia has announced plans to release more artificial intelligence (AI) products, as the company continues to focus on developing AI tools and applications. At the Computex show in Taiwan on May 28, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the DGX GH200, a new AI supercomputer platform designed to assist tech companies in creating successors to the popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Huang expects tech giants such as Microsoft, Meta, and Google’s Alphabet to be among the first to use the supercomputer. Nvidia also revealed a new service called Nvidia ACE for Games, which will use AI to give background characters in video games more character. Additionally, the company plans to collaborate with marketing and communications firm WPP to combine AI and metaverse technologies to reduce advertising costs. Nvidia is also developing a new networking scheme to speed up the flow of information within data centres. While Nvidia is currently leading the way in producing powerful chips for AI applications, other companies are also trying to join the AI market. For example, Microsoft is developing its own chip with the capacity to power ChatGPT-like applications. In China, developers are facing sanctions from the United States, which has prevented access to the latest version of Nvidia chips. However, local developers are experimenting with combinations of chips and semiconductors to create their own AI development methods. As AI becomes more accessible and developers continue to release new products, they are working with lawmakers around the world to establish regulations that support innovation. In May, executives from major tech companies, including Nvidia, met with US Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss the dangers of AI and publicly evaluate AI systems.