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The Renaissance of Blockchain: A Journey with Nostr


In the exciting and ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, there is a group of enthusiasts affectionately referred to as “shitcoiners.” These individuals have a keen interest in alternative cryptocurrencies, otherwise known as “shitcoins.” Among this community of investors, there is a term called “fat bags,” which describes substantial holdings of these digital assets.

Recently, a prominent blockchain figure, Ben Arc, shared an intriguing story about his history with Nostr, a blockchain-based platform. During the past three years, he had been eager to acquire the domain name, which had great potential for the Nostr ecosystem. His persistence paid off when he finally secured the domain by selling almost 1 BTC. However, the domain remained idle for a few years, with a poorly designed splash page for Nostr projects.


Nostr, a Twitter clone built on blockchain technology, started gaining significant attention early this year. With the community’s support, a superior splash page was created for, courtesy of Jeffg. Additionally, Fiatjaf was given the freedom to host various exciting Nostr projects on subdomains of

During the tumultuous years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nostr community witnessed many developments. In addition to Nostr, Ben Arc, Fiatjaf, Eneko, and others worked on LNbits, an extension-based lightning wallet accounts system. LNbits offered an easy way to showcase cutting-edge bitcoin functionalities. As LNbits gained popularity, Nostr continued to make significant progress, with contributors diligently building functional clients.


Several Nostr LNbits extensions were eagerly awaited, including a one-click relay extension, an extension for selling NIP05 addresses, the Nostr-market extension, and an always-on Nostr-client extension. These extensions aimed to enhance the Nostr protocol and provide useful tools for the Nostr ecosystem.

Although LNbits initially started as a hobby project, it quickly evolved into something more significant. The developers realized the need to release LNbits from its beta stage, especially as it gained real-world usage, even being adopted by a bank. In collaboration with the community, the core LNbits developers established LNbits Inc, a for-profit entity. This new venture aimed to further develop LNbits and offer valuable services, such as a one-click launch of LNbits software and a support system for those integrating LNbits into their applications.

To fuel their ambitious plans, Max Webster from Hivemind Ventures provided a pre-seed investment that allowed six core LNbits developers to work full-time for a year. This dedicated effort aimed to create essential services, including software as a service, a shop for selling Bitcoin hardware and swag, and a comprehensive support network.

The Nostr community experienced a renaissance in early 2023, with significant progress in the development of Nostr-centric LNbits extensions. These extensions, along with a hardware Nostr signing device, were unveiled at Nostrica, a gathering of Nostr enthusiasts. Encouraged by these advancements, the idea of leveraging to offer additional services aligned with their successful approach with LNbits Inc. To maximize the domain’s usefulness, Ben Arc decided to give LNbits Inc the rights to manage for the next three years. This arrangement would ensure the domain would not fall into corrupt hands, safeguarding the integrity of the Nostr ecosystem while expanding its offerings.

This passionate tale showcases the dedication and collective effort within the blockchain industry. It illustrates the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. The story of Nostr serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and demonstrates how blockchain enthusiasts are determined to drive meaningful change for a better world.

Key Takeaways

  • Shitcoiners, a community of alternative cryptocurrency investors, have a strong interest in fat bags, denoting significant holdings of these digital assets.
  • Ben Arc, a prominent blockchain figure, shares his journey with Nostr, a blockchain-based platform that started gaining attention this year.
  • LNbits, an extension-based lightning wallet accounts system, played a crucial role alongside Nostr in the blockchain community.
  • The evolution of LNbits from a hobby project to LNbits Inc, a for-profit entity, exemplifies the dedication of blockchain developers.
  • The Nostr renaissance in 2023 marked the unveiling of Nostr-centric LNbits extensions and a hardware Nostr signing device.
  • The intention to offer additional services on highlights the significance of managing the domain responsibly and safeguarding its integrity.

Disclaimer: This article is a guest post by Ben Arc and reflects their personal opinions, which may not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.