Nostr collaborates with Zebedee to create a new social media platform backed by Jack Dorsey.

A rapidly growing decentralized Twitter competitor, Nostr, is collaborating with Zebedee to design a new social media.

This move would enable interoperability between Zebedee’s ZBD app and Nostr apps.

Zebedee is a New Jersey-based video game payment platform with over one million Bitcoin wallets, supported by a $46.5 million VC fund.

Nostr protocol’s innovation allows users to send each other small tips tagged zaps (tiny fragments of bitcoin) instead of the traditional social media content “likes.”

Introducing Zebedee’s Nostr-powered Innovative Decentralized Social App

The latest partnership allowed Zebedee to move its ZBD application to Nostr, enabling users to seamlessly move from the app to other apps available on Nostr.

The new development introduces a different concept from the conventional social media nitty-gritty.

Unlike the conventional social media networks that control user identities, ZBD integration with the open-source Nostr protocol underscores decentralization.

It could also increase ZBD app adoption since it potentially allows 18 million registered Nostr users to join the app.

In a statement , Andre Neves, CTO and co-founder of Zebedee, said: “The ZBD app is now a Nostr client with full capabilities.”

According to reports, Twitter’s estimated value has reduced since Elon Musk acquired it for $44 billion in October 2022.

As a Twitter competitor, Nostr’s ability to allow users to send Bitcoin from one social app to another, including their identities and followers, gives it a competitive edge.

As such, Nostra could be at the center of attraction for unsatisfied Twitter users.

“Zaps are inherently part of the social experience here. So individuals can support their content creators,” added Neves.

“It’s no longer just an influencer’s game. You can support and receive support from anyone, anywhere, because this is the Nostr protocol. It works across other apps as well as Zebedee,” he said

ZBD App Already Gaining Traction

Zebedee started in 2019 as a platform that helps video game developers pay small amounts of Bitcoin to their users.

The firm has 70 employees with 220 developers who build apps that support Bitcoin transactions using the Lightning Network.

Among the early ZBD users are music streaming service provider Wavlake, Podcasting platform Fountain, and soon-to-launch music streaming app, Gesso.

Notably, Gesso will allow its followers to earn Bitcoin by listening to music and podcasts.

The new ZBD social app is already gaining traction among top industry players, including Fumb Games.

Paul West, CEO of Fumb Games, a UK-based gaming company with 100,000 Discord followers, commented on the development.

West said building with ZBD will pay off since his company can take any followers he gets on the app to competitors in the future.

It is worth noting that Fumb Games partnered with Zebedee in April 2022 to add real Bitcoin rewards to its Bitcoin Miner game.