Northern Lightning founder advocates for Bitcoin to combat European challenges.

The Bitcoin community in Europe is actively working to combat social issues affecting the continent, according to Eric Dale, a podcast host. Dale, who is the founder and CEO of Northern Lightning conferences that hosts several Bitcoin events across Europe, believes that the community is promoting values that will be important in addressing ongoing conflicts and social problems. Speaking to Cointelegraph journalist Joe Hall during BTC Prague 2023 in the Czech Republic, Dale highlighted Bitcoin’s unique position to address social and economic injustice in Europe because of the numerous startups and companies building various tools for the cryptocurrency. Dale believes that the Bitcoin community across Europe is building an “ecosystem of ideas” that could shape the continent’s future development.

The ongoing Ukrainian-Russian conflict remains a concern for Dale, who believes that the battle for decentralization with Bitcoin will be no different from past battles. Dale hopes to see Bitcoin become part of a new-age, peaceful monetary revolution, taking inspiration from the Czech Republic’s fight against Nazism and communism in the past.

The regulation of the cryptocurrency space has been a major talking point across Europe over the past few years, and the European Union has taken steps to develop a comprehensive framework for the industry. The Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) bill, which is set to come into effect in 2024, will introduce requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges and ecosystem participants to operate, trade, and make use of cryptocurrencies on the continent.