NFT platform ImmutableX’s IMX token rallies as First Mover Americas.

NFT platform ImmutableX's IMX token rallies as First Mover Americas.

The Rise and Challenges of the Blockchain Industry

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The blockchain industry has witnessed significant growth and faced numerous challenges over the years. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates from the industry, including the delay in repayments by Mt. Gox, the struggles of Bitcoin, the surge in IMX token, and the dominant position of Bitcoin in the market. These developments highlight the unique characteristics and potential risks of the blockchain industry.

Mt. Gox Repayments Delayed

Mt. Gox, a defunct crypto exchange that was hacked in 2014, announced another 12-month delay in its planned repayments. This news has disappointed the creditors who have been eagerly awaiting the return of their funds for a decade. Mt. Gox managed to recover only 20% of the stolen tokens after the hack, leaving a significant amount of bitcoin (BTC), valued at nearly $23 billion, still missing. The extended delay in repayments raises questions about the security and reliability of crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin’s Struggle for Upside Traction

Despite the delay in Mt. Gox repayments, Bitcoin has struggled to gather upside traction. Analysts, including those at UBS, have warned that the repayments could lead to an increase in Bitcoin’s active supply, resulting in price weakness. The assumption is that creditors would quickly liquidate their holdings, adding to the already existing supply and putting downward pressure on prices. Moreover, the collapse of FTX has significantly affected the depth of the crypto market, making it susceptible to large sell orders that can have a disproportionate negative impact on prices.

IMX Token Surges Amidst South Korean Trading

In contrast to Bitcoin’s struggles, the native token of non-fungible tokens platform ImmutableX, IMX, experienced a surge in value led by South Korean traders. During Asian trading hours, the IMX token rose by 35% to 74 cents, outperforming major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and BNB. The surge in IMX token price coincided with a 22% increase in its 24-hour global trading volume, which reached $556 million. South Korea’s Upbit exchange played a significant role in the increased trading activity, accounting for nearly 20% of the global volume. The success of the IMX token highlights the growing interest in non-fungible tokens and the potential for innovation in the blockchain industry.

Bitcoin’s Dominant Market Position

The dominance rate of Bitcoin, which measures its share in the total crypto market, has been trending upward recently. Despite trading well below its July peak, Bitcoin has witnessed a rotation of funds from alternative cryptocurrencies. This shift suggests that investors are moving towards the perceived stability and potential returns offered by Bitcoin. The dominant position of Bitcoin in the market reflects its long-standing reputation as the leading cryptocurrency and the anchor of the blockchain industry.


The blockchain industry continues to evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges. The delay in repayments by Mt. Gox highlights the need for enhanced security measures in crypto exchanges, while Bitcoin’s struggle for upside traction reveals the market’s sensitivity to external factors. Conversely, the surge in the IMX token demonstrates the growing interest in non-fungible tokens, signaling potential advancements and innovations in the industry. As the dominant player in the market, Bitcoin’s rising dominance rate reflects its enduring appeal and positions it as a key driver of the blockchain industry’s future.