New presale Evil Pepe Coin launches, expected to sell out quickly and create crypto millionaires.

New presale Evil Pepe Coin launches, expected to sell out quickly and create crypto millionaires.

The Blockchain Industry: A Closer Look at Evil Pepe Coin

Evil Pepe Coin

Tuesday, 18th of July – An exciting new meme coin called Evil Pepe Coin has just landed and analysts are already tipping the shitcoin for explosive upside. $EVILPEPE, which is 2023’s best-performing meme coin Pepe’s evil cousin, is currently conducting an exciting presale. Investors who get in now will be able to secure their $EVILPEPE tokens at a price that values the new coin at only slightly more than $2 million. That’s an incredibly low market cap that leaves a lot of room for 5, 10 or even 100x gains. And given the marketing team behind Evil Pepe Coin, exponential upside is highly likely.

The Rise of Meme Coins and Pepe Coin Family

Evil Pepe Coin just doesn’t have the backing of a great marketing team. As a member of the broader Pepe meme coin family, it also piggybacks off of one of 2023’s best-performing meme coin genres. Pepe Coin was widely known to deliver gains of as much as 1000x when it reached market cap highs in the $1.8 billion area back in May. But numerous other Pepe-themed coins have also made their early investors rich.

Take Pepe 2.0, for example, which was marketed as a second chance for those who missed the initial Pepe pump. After debuting on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) at around $0.000000000005 (yes, eleven zeros!), $PEPE2.0 was able to reach a high of $0.000000177 (just six zeros) and a market cap high of over $75 million. Those who got in on the token around the time of the DEX launch could have secured gains in the region of as much as 35,000x. A $30 investment could have made a millionaire.

While 35,000x gains for Evil Pepe Coin aren’t likely given the presale valuation of just over $2 million, degens willing to sink a couple of grand into the token could well make decent progress towards millionaire status.

$EVILPEPE Puts Its Community First

Despite being evil, community is at the forefront of Evil Pepe Coin’s mind. That’s why 90% of the token supply is up for grabs during the presale. The remaining 10% of the token supply will be locked as DEX liquidity for one month in order to ensure smooth trading conditions when the token officially launches on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike in many other presales where investors get caught out by unfair price rises, all $EVILPEPE tokens are to be made available for the same price of $0.000033. And with no insider or team allocation largesse, degens won’t have to worry about massive token drops by whales seeking to cash in. Furthermore, the one-month liquidity lock will bring confidence to the degen trading community that Evil Pepe Coin is a serious project to be reckoned with rather than just another rug pull.

$EVILPEPE’s Ambitious Goal

Evil Pepe Coin’s team has an explicitly stated goal for their token to reach a coveted market cap of $100 million. In Evil Pepe Coin’s roadmap, the team says it hopes to achieve this goal by collaborating “with influential meme-makers, (and) forging alliances with the most wickedly creative minds in the meme coin universe”.

A market cap of $100 million would mean near-50x gains for the resourceful meme coin degens who managed to get in on the presale. And “why stop there?” the team asks. “With our community’s unwavering support and Evil Pepe’s mischievous influence, we won’t shy away from pushing the boundaries and rewriting the rules of the meme coin game”. Pepe Coin currently has a market cap of just over $600 million. Wouldn’t it be fitting if Evil Pepe Coin was able to overtake its predecessor? For what it’s worth, if $EVILPEPE was able to match the current market cap of $PEPE, that would mean gains in the region of 300x for presale participants.

Don’t miss out on one of 2023’s hottest meme coin opportunities. $EVILPEPE is only currently available on the official Evil Pepe Coin website and can be bought with either ETH or USDT.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.