and Stainless Games release ‘Shock Rods’ game., an esports platform, has partnered with Stainless Games, a renowned game developer, to bring back the classic game “Shock Rods” to the gaming community. This collaboration aims to provide gamers with an exhilarating esports experience like never before. Shock Rods is known for its intense and fast-paced gameplay, offering a thrilling multiplayer experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats. aims to tap into the immense potential of Shock Rods’ esports scene and provide players with a platform to showcase their skills.

With Moxy’s esports-enabled platform, Shock Rods lovers can now immerse themselves in high-intensity matches and compete for real rewards. The partnership not only benefits the esports players but also opens up exciting opportunities for the broader gaming community. As Shock Rods gain prominence in the esports realm, it is expected to attract the attention of both casual gamers and aspiring professionals alike. The Moxy platform will serve as a hub for fans to spectate thrilling matches, discover new talents, and engage with the game’s community.

Overall, this collaboration highlights the commitment of to continuously expand its offerings and bring top-tier esports titles to its platform. By partnering with established game developers like Stainless Games, can tap into a diverse range of games, providing players with a rich and varied esports experience.

Moxy CEO Matt deFouw states, “Moxy is thrilled to partner with Stainless Games to bring Shock Rods to the Moxy platform. Our goal is to provide gamers with a world-class esports gaming experience, and “Shock Rods” is the perfect complement to our increasing range of titles.”

The collaboration between and Stainless Games will allow esports enthusiasts to engage in competitive matches within the captivating world of Shock Rods. Players will have the opportunity to form teams and compete against one another in 6v6 battles, testing their reflexes, strategy, and teamwork. With the integration of Shock Rods into the Moxy platform, players can expect a seamless and immersive experience as they strive to climb the ranks and achieve esports glory.