Microsoft’s Nuance Communications will bring an AI-supported clinical note application to Epic Systems.

Microsoft-owned computer software company Nuance Communications has announced that its AI-powered clinical notes application will be available on Epic Systems. It’s only a matter of time before AI becomes integrated into every aspect of human life. This buzzing technology has gained immense popularity recently as many companies across various industries adopt it. Nuance Communications and Epic have announced that they are offering the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience Express (DAX Express) solution to the Epic community.

Epic is a healthcare software company that helps US hospitals store patients’ medical records. It assists hospitals and healthcare systems in storing, sharing, and accessing electronic health records. Notably, it is widely used by over 500,000 physicians and 306 million patients globally. Epic also has a longstanding relationship with Nuance and Microsoft.

Nuance Communications and Epic Offer DAX Express to Doctors

Building on their long-term partnership, Nuance Communications and Epic Systems are working on a system to assist physicians with back-end administrative workloads.

“The integration of DAX Express into Epic workflows will act as a copilot for Dragon Medical users, further managing administrative workloads that lead to burnout, expanding access to care for patients, and enhancing healthcare outcomes with clinical documentation that writes itself.”

According to the announcement, DAX Express is a clinical documentation application supported by artificial intelligence integrated with workflow. It is also the first application to combine Nuance’s conversational AI with GPT4 in the Azure OpenAI Service.

Interestingly, DAX Express has unique features, including automatically and securely generating draft clinical notes after each patient’s visit. These notes are created either from the exam room or through a telehealth encounter to provide instant clinical review and completion. Meanwhile, Nuance is on a mission to reduce administrative responsibilities for doctors so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. Integrating DAX Express with Epic Systems is the “next milestone” for Nuance in its pursuit of its vision.

The Chief Digital and Information Officer at the University of Michigan Health-West, Josh Wilda, stated that DAX Express for Epic will revolutionize healthcare. Additionally, he mentioned the impact of Nuance’s ambient AI on the provider-patient experience with the DAX ambient solution. He continued:

“…but now with the augmentation of generative AI, we’re going to give our providers more options to use technology in a way that delivers even greater outcomes to them and their patients. DAX is already reducing what used to be hours of time for clinical documentation to mere seconds—while improving the quality of patient care and provider experiences. It’s truly life-changing.”

Doctors who use DAX have revealed that it helps them balance their work and personal lives.