Memecoin Frenzy Hits Coinbase-backed Base with Higher Rug Pull Risks

Memecoin Frenzy Hits Coinbase-backed Base with Higher Rug Pull Risks

The Memecoin Phenomenon: A Rollercoaster Ride in the Blockchain Industry

Anyone following the cryptocurrency market knows that the quest for higher gains can take traders down some wild and unpredictable paths. One such path is the memecoin industry, a realm of altcoins that has captivated the attention of traders looking to accumulate the ever-elusive Bitcoin. The memecoin industry is known for its inherent volatility, making it an attractive but risky playground for those seeking quick profits.

The Weekend that Made Headlines

Over the weekend, a wave of excitement swept through the crypto world as some traders swapped their Ether tokens for a selection of questionable, meme-inspired coins. These trades took place on Base, a layer two scaling solution backed by Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN). One particular memecoin that made headlines was the Brian Armstrong-themed BALD token, which saw a staggering 289,000 percent gain within hours of its launch.

According to Lookonchain, an on-chain analysis provider, four Ethereum-based addresses swapped approximately $1,000 worth of Ether to purchase a significant portion of the circulating supply of BALD tokens. In a nearly unbelievable turn of events, these addresses cashed out approximately $1.04 million worth of Ether just one day after trading launched. To add to the intrigue, the addresses withdrew 0.5 ETH from the Bybit exchange simultaneously, cross-chained the assets to the Base network, and swiftly purchased BALD. This suggests that the trades were orchestrated by the same individual or group.

The market data provided by Coingecko revealed that BALD was trading around $0.081828 on Monday, demonstrating an impressive 61 percent increase in the past 24 hours. While the exact circulating supply of BALD remained unknown at the time of reporting, its 24-hour trading volume reached approximately $87 million. However, traders were cautioned to exercise additional vigilance due to BALD’s lack of an official website or audited infrastructure and tokenomics.

Another memecoin that garnered attention over the weekend was BASED, which experienced an astonishing surge of over 1,000,000 percent in the same 24-hour period, according to analytics provided by Dexscreener.

Rug Pull Fears: Tread Carefully in the Memecoin Market

It is crucial to note that meme coins like BALD and BASED often suffer from thin liquidity, creating a potential pitfall for unsuspecting traders attempting to enter this volatile market. This lack of liquidity exposes cryptocurrency traders to the risk of rug pulls, a situation where developers abandon a project, leaving investors with worthless coins.

One infamous example of a rug pull involved a developer who absconded with users’ funds even as they promised to return the money after certain profit thresholds were reached. Unfortunately, this promise translates into gambling with traders’ hard-earned funds, as there is no guarantee of a substantial return. Consequently, it is essential for cryptocurrency traders to exercise caution when dealing with risky meme coins, especially considering the potential gains have already been made.

In summary, the memecoin industry has become a captivating and unpredictable facet of the blockchain industry. Traders seeking quick gains have flocked to this realm, often at the expense of stability and security. While meme coins like BALD and BASED can deliver astounding returns, their unpredictability and lack of transparency present significant risks. As always, investors must perform thorough due diligence, exercise caution, and be aware of potential rug pulls when navigating the wild world of memecoins.