Lugano and Tether’s ₿ Summer School reaches second-year milestone.

Lugano and Tether's ₿ Summer School reaches second-year milestone.

The Transformative Potential of Blockchain Explored at Plan ₿ Summer School

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

From bill-splitting apps to solutions for urban parking, the second annual Plan ₿ Summer School, held in the Swiss City of Lugano, showcased the transformative power of blockchain technology over the course of ten days. This event, which wrapped up yesterday, brought together approximately 80 students from 28 countries who were eager to dive deep into the world of blockchain and digital currencies.

Educational Tracks for All

The summer school offered participants a choice between two educational tracks: the Satoshi track for those new to the technology, and the Pear track for those with coding experience and a deeper interest in blockchain technology. The curriculum provided a comprehensive overview of various topics, including the fundamentals of Bitcoin, stablecoins, the Lightning Network, and other essential elements of digital currency. Among the experts who shared their insights and knowledge with the students was Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Tether.

This educational experience went beyond theory, as the students had the opportunity to apply what they learned by participating in a Final Pitch Competition. Eleven teams presented their projects, which they had developed during the program, to compete for prizes.

Team Kredo earned the first prize of 5000 USDT with their Bitcoin-enabled app for bill splitting. Their project showcased the practical applications of blockchain technology in everyday scenarios. Meanwhile, Team ParkPeerz secured second place and a prize of 2500 USDT by presenting a solution for urban parking problems. Impressively, Team WeTrust took home the third prize of 1500 USDT with their innovative blockchain infrastructure project. These successful projects demonstrate the potential of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies to shape our future.

Paolo Ardoino emphasized the significance of the summer school, stating, “It was heartening to see students from diverse backgrounds come together. They not only deepened their knowledge but also built practical applications, showcasing the potential of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies.”

Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency Education

In addition to the valuable educational experience, the Plan ₿ Summer School provided students with the opportunity to network with industry representatives. Michele Foletti, the Mayor of Lugano, praised the event, recognizing its contribution to Lugano’s reputation as a leading hub for crypto knowledge in Europe. Mayor Foletti expressed optimism for the future of cryptocurrency education and eagerly awaits the arrival of new students next year.

Continuing their commitment to promoting blockchain knowledge, Tether and Lugano have announced plans to host the Plan ₿ forum again this coming October. It is evident that initiatives like the Plan ₿ Summer School play a vital role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency education.

Table: Final Pitch Competition Winners

Team Project Prize (USDT)
Kredo Bitcoin-enabled app 5000
ParkPeerz Urban parking solution 2500
WeTrust Blockchain infrastructure 1500