Lightning takes the wheel of a European rally car adventure, honk if you love Bitcoin!

A team called the “Bitcoin Ambassadors” is driving a Bitcoin-branded car (BTC) in the Baltic Sea Circle Rally, a 16-day, 8,000-kilometer race passing through 9 Northern European countries. The team aims to introduce people to Bitcoin and raise money for a Panamanian coffee farmer and an El Salvadoran peer-to-peer ride-sharing app developed on Lightning. The car is also equipped with a candy machine that accepts Bitcoin. Passersby can scan the QR code on the side of the car to receive free Satoshis, or small amounts of Bitcoin, to get started on their Bitcoin journey. The team has discussed Bitcoin with at least 30 people as part of the rally and has been “orange pilling” or introducing people to Bitcoin along the journey. The car is Lightning-ready, and a remote-play jukebox and a Lightning-switch horn can be operated from all around the world. Fans and supporters worldwide are sending their song requests to the car’s Lightning-ready Telegram group, paying less than a dollar for the courtesy. Lightning enthusiasts can also set off the car’s horn from thousands of miles away. The process uses a Lightning switch which turns on when it has received enough sats.

“One time there is death metal and the other side it’s Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and it’s really crazy.”

The Bitcoin Ambassadors rally team has raised around 4 million Satoshis or $1,200 for charity so far. However, Cercatrova mentioned that “the next days and the willingness to send more Sats” could increase the amount. The drivers are currently halfway through the journey and plan to finish by the end of June.

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Reporter Joe Hall, as part of researching for this article, not only honked the horn during the phone interview, but also played a famous song by Rick Astley.

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