Lawyers of Sam Bankman-Fried test judge’s patience.

Lawyers of Sam Bankman-Fried test judge's patience.

The Judge Loses Patience: Inside the SBF Trial


In the world of crypto, legal battles can be just as intense as market fluctuations. Sam Bankman-Fried, former chief of a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is currently facing trial. The trial, overseen by Judge Lewis Kaplan, has been generating quite the courtroom drama. The prosecution is accusing Bankman-Fried of mismanaging funds and defrauding customers, while the defense is fighting tooth and nail to secure a “not guilty” verdict.

Judge Kaplan’s Displeasure

The trial has been far from smooth sailing for Bankman-Fried’s defense team. Judge Kaplan has expressed his dissatisfaction with their performance, publicly scolding them for their imprecise and repetitive questioning of government witnesses. In one instance, he even called the defense attorneys for a sidebar confrontation. The judge’s frustration highlights the difficult task facing Bankman-Fried’s defense team: they not only have to challenge the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses but also skillfully present their client’s favorable facts.

Uncovering Inside Knowledge

One of the government’s key witnesses, Adam Yedidia, a former friend and employee of Bankman-Fried, was brought in to testify about a bug in the accounting software of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. This bug caused the exchange to falsely report Alameda Research’s debt to customers as $16 billion, when in reality, it was half that amount. Although the defense argued that this accounting error was not criminal but rather a result of poor risk management, the prosecution paints a different picture.

Defense Strategy and Prosecution Objections

Bankman-Fried’s defense team tries to strategically shape the narrative by asking questions that they hope will elicit answers favoring their client. However, the prosecution has multiple procedural avenues to block such questions from being entered into the record. Assistant U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoon has been swift in raising objections, and Judge Kaplan has largely upheld them. The defense’s attempts were met with a barrage of objections, leaving the courtroom in a state of cringe.

Judge Kaplan’s Wit

Throughout the trial, Judge Kaplan has shown a no-nonsense demeanor, eager to keep proceedings on track. At times, he even sustains objections before they are formally lodged. In one amusing moment, the defense attorney asked a witness about a Toyota Corolla, prompting an objection. Judge Kaplan, bemused, dismissed the objection, stating that everyone in the room has likely seen a Toyota Corolla, earning a chuckle from the gallery. The judge’s own choice of transportation, a BMW X7 with the license plate “USJ 1,” shows his taste for the finer things in life.

What to Expect

While Judge Kaplan’s frustrations are clear, the ultimate question remains: how will the jury perceive the defense’s tactics? Even though objections were sustained during certain defense questions, the mere suggestion of issues with witness credibility might create a lasting impression. Moreover, damaging emotional testimony, like Yedidia’s statement that “FTX defrauded all its customers,” can be difficult to shake off, despite objections to strike it from the record. The prosecution seems focused on leveraging emotional appeals to build its case.

The Trial’s Progress

FTX co-founder Gary Wang has already taken the stand, shedding light on his role in overseeing FTX’s operations and the backdoor access Alameda had to FTX customer funds. Wang’s testimony is expected to continue, with BlockFi’s Zac Prince and Pinecone’s Elan Dekel lined up as next witnesses. As the trial unfolds, the Department of Justice’s strategy appears to be playing out, heavily relying on emotional appeals to sway the jury.


The SBF trial captures the essence of the high-stakes drama that unfolds within the crypto industry’s legal battles. Judge Kaplan’s impatience with the defense’s repetition and imprecise questioning serves as a reminder of the challenges they face. Will the defense prevail and secure a “not guilty” verdict for Sam Bankman-Fried, or will the prosecution’s emotional appeal be too compelling for the jury? Only time will reveal the verdict, but for now, the cryptocurrency world eagerly watches as this legal showdown unfolds.