Japan PM reaffirms Web3 plans as Binance announces launch.

Japan PM reaffirms Web3 plans as Binance announces launch.

The Rise of Web3: Japan Embraces the Future of Blockchain

The blockchain industry is seeing a surge of interest and adoption, with Japan taking the lead in fostering the Web3 revolution. In a keynote address at the WebX conference in Tokyo, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reaffirmed the country’s commitment to the Web3 industry and its potential to transform the internet and drive social change.

Kishida’s words were met with enthusiasm from industry players, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who announced that the cryptocurrency exchange would launch its services on a new Japanese platform in August 2023. This partnership further solidifies Japan’s position as a key player in the Web3 movement.

Web3: The New Form of Capitalism

Kishida emphasized the exceptional potential of Web3 to drive innovation across industries. He referred to the sector as “the new form of capitalism,” highlighting its ability to address social issues and drive economic growth. This recognition demonstrates Japan’s progressive mindset and its eagerness to embrace the future of blockchain technology.

Yves La Rose, CEO of the EOS Foundation, hailed Kishida’s words as a significant step towards greater acceptance of Web3 in Asia. While the West may still question the role of blockchain companies, Asia has opened its doors to this transformative technology. It is clear that in Asia, the future is bright for crypto.

Japan’s Commitment to Web3

Kishida’s address was not the only highlight of the WebX conference. Koichi Hagiuda, Chairman of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy Research Council, underscored the country’s efforts to establish a strict regulatory framework that protects investors and supports the growth of Web3 businesses.

One noteworthy project is the “Start Next Innovator,” an initiative by Japan’s Economy, Trade, and Industry Ministry. This project aims to foster the growth of Japanese-owned Web3 startups by sending 1,000 entrepreneurs and students to Silicon Valley over a five-year campaign. These efforts demonstrate Japan’s dedication to nurturing a thriving Web3 ecosystem.

Binance Expands in Japan

In another exciting development, Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, confirmed its plans to offer services to Japanese cryptocurrency users starting in August. This announcement follows Binance’s acquisition of Sakura Exchange Bitcoin (SEBC), a local exchange platform, in November 2022.

The acquisition of SEBC paved the way for Binance’s reentry into the Japanese market. This move aligns with Japan’s growing interest in the Web3 sector and further solidifies Binance’s position as a key player in the Japanese crypto landscape.

Regulatory Support for Web3

Building a secure and trustworthy environment is crucial for the growth of the blockchain industry. Japan understands the importance of regulatory measures to protect investors and ensure the sustainable development of the Web3 sector.

The national tax agency recently revised legislation that exempts token issuers from paying corporate taxes on unrealized cryptocurrency gains. This regulatory development provides a favorable environment for startups and encourages innovation in the Web3 space.


Japan’s unequivocal support for the Web3 industry is poised to accelerate the adoption and development of blockchain technology. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s acknowledgment of Web3 as the new form of capitalism, combined with regulatory initiatives and partnerships with global players like Binance, solidify Japan’s position as a leader in the blockchain revolution.

As the industry evolves, Japan’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving collaboration is laying the foundation for a vibrant Web3 ecosystem. With its arms wide open to the future, Japan is paving the way for the transformative potential of blockchain technology and its immense impact on our society.