Jack Dorsey questions Tim Cook’s Bitcoin support amidst upcoming Damus deplatforming.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who now heads the Bitcoin-focused financial services firm Block, is asking Apple’s CEO Tim Cook why the tech giant doesn’t support bitcoin in its mobile payment service, Apple Pay. This comes after Apple threatened to remove the Bitcoin-friendly social media app Damus from the App Store for allowing content paid for with bitcoin instead of using Apple Pay. Incorporating bitcoin into Apple Pay could significantly boost mass adoption for the cryptocurrency. Damus is a decentralized social media platform that runs on the Nostr protocol, which is popular with bitcoiners partly because most implementations of it support payments over the blockchain’s Lightning Network. It’s unclear whether the looming removal of Damus is a misunderstanding or part of a broader crackdown on certain types of bitcoin-focused apps.

“The frustrating thing is that whenever you get feedback from Apple reviewers, they don’t tell you specifically how you’re breaking the guidelines,” said Casarin. “It’s very frustrating. I think a lot of Bitcoin apps are at risk.”

Edited by Bradley Keoun.