Investors allege that more than 1% of Atomic Wallet’s active users were affected by the hack.

Atomic Wallet users lost $35 million due to a hack since June 2, but the company claims that only less than 1% of its monthly active users were affected. Atomic Wallet and blockchain investigators are currently trying to recover the stolen funds. However, some verified scam Twitter accounts impersonated Atomic Wallet and shared phishing links to scam users. On-chain researcher ZachXBT claimed to have helped a victim recover $1 million of lost funds, but the recovery process is yet to be disclosed. Despite Atomic Wallet’s announcement, many users continued to report loss of funds. The incident highlights the importance of choosing a reliable service provider for the safekeeping of crypto assets. Additionally, it questions the narrative of “not your keys, not your coins” preached by some crypto wallet providers. ZachXBT’s investigation found that the largest amount lost by an individual in the Atomic Wallet hack was $7.95 million in Tether on the Tron blockchain. The five biggest losses account for $17 million. On June 4, a hacker took control of pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton’s mobile phone and used his Twitter account to promote LAW tokens. Deaton and accounts representing him warned users about the hack and advised against investing in the cryptocurrency.