Inflection AI secures $1.3B funding, plans to build massive AI model.

Inflection AI may have just completed a $1.3 billion funding round, according to a Thursday announcement published by the company. The round was led by previous investors Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt, while Nvidia also participated in the round as a new investor.

In early 2022, Inflection AI raised $225 million in the first round of funding. So, by raising $1.3 billion, Inflection AI has now raised a total of $1.525 billion since it launched in 2022.

Inflection AI Earmarks Funds for Personal AI Development

Meanwhile, the Palo Alto-based firm has already revealed its plans for the newly-raised fund. According to the firm, a portion of the new capital will be focused on building a 22,000-unit Nvidia H100 Tensor GPU cluster – the largest in the world. And to the firm’s estimations, these GPUs will help it to build large-scale artificial intelligence models.

The team of developers at Inflection AI is also quite optimistic about the GPU cluster. They wrote in part:

“We estimate that if we entered our cluster in the recent TOP500 list of supercomputers, it would be the 2nd and close to the top entry.”

Furthermore, the company is also looking to use the remaining portion of the fund to continue the ongoing work on its first product, the adjutant AI system called “Pi”.

Pi, according to Inflection, is an unusual kind of personal AI. It is “designed to be a kind and supportive companion offering text and voice conversations, friendly advice, and concise information”. The firm even says Pi may be accessed directly via social media or WhatsApp.

CEO and co-founder of Inflection, AI Mustafa Suleyman, has also hailed the participation of Microsoft and other investors. He acknowledges that personal AI has the potential to become the most transformational tool of this generation, and is full of optimism for the lengths that the new fund could take the firm. About the newly raised fund, Suleyman said:

“We’re excited to collaborate with NVIDIA, Microsoft, and CoreWeave as well as Eric, Bill and many others to bring this vision to life.”

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