Hedera’s HBAR price falls 5% in 1 hour, while XRP20 receives over $1.8 million in funding.

Hedera's HBAR price falls 5% in 1 hour, while XRP20 receives over $1.8 million in funding.

The Blockchain Industry: Exploring Hedera Hashgraph and the Revolutionary XRP20


The blockchain industry continues to be a dynamic and ever-evolving space, with new advancements and projects emerging regularly. In this article, we will explore two prominent players in the industry: Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) and XRP20. We will delve into the current state of Hedera Hashgraph, analyzing its recent price action and potential risks. Additionally, we will introduce XRP20, a groundbreaking token that aims to break free from Ripple’s shadow and offer unique features in the XRP space.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) – Rejection and Downside Risk

Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade layer-1 blockchain, has experienced a tumultuous price action since 2021, with a significant decline of 90% since the bull run. Recently, the upper trendline resistance triggered a rejection, leading to an 11.3% retracement move. This rejection could potentially prove fatal for HBAR.

The current price of HBAR stands at $0.0568, with a 24-hour change of -1.56%. The rejection caused HBAR to crash through a recently reclaimed support level provided by the 200-day moving average (DMA). Furthermore, HBAR is now approaching the 20DMA, which acts as the last major support level before a significant drop to the lower trendline support.

Despite the downside movement in HBAR’s price, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator suggests that consolidation may be on the horizon, with a minor bearish divergence at 55.35. Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) signals a bullish divergence at 0.0004, despite the current downward trajectory.

While there is limited upside potential due to tough resistance from the descendant upper trendline, the downside risk is more prominent. If the 20DMA fails to hold, HBAR could see a lower support level at $0.0466, representing a further potential decline of 17.67%. With a risk-to-reward ratio of 0.69, entering HBAR at this point entails significant downside risk.

XRP20: A Breakout from Ripple’s Shadow

XRP20, an Ethereum-compliant ERC20 token, is gaining attention in the crypto world for its innovative approach and inspiration drawn from Ripple (XRP). Positioned as a project tailored for the retail markets, XRP20 has raised over $1.79 million and showcases unique features that differentiate it from other tokens.

One of the main selling points of XRP20 is its utility in the XRP space, offering staking options that generously reward token holders. This promise of staking-based passive income and potential capital appreciation has garnered significant interest from the wider crypto community.

How Will XRP20 Outperform Ripple’s XRP?

To fully understand the potential of XRP20, it is essential to analyze its key selling points and how it could outperform Ripple’s XRP.

1. Price Comparison and Potential Gains: Currently priced at $0.000092, XRP20 is 30 times cheaper than XRP’s all-time low. Considering XRP’s historical price increase of 137,000%, XRP20 holds the potential for astronomical gains of up to 6,629 times if it reaches the current XRP price.

2. Strong Case in a Shifting Legal Landscape: Despite XRP’s recent partial victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there are still predictions of a possible price fall for XRP. This further strengthens the appeal of XRP20 as an alternative investment opportunity.

3. Deflationary and Decentralized: Unlike XRP, XRP20 deploys a 0.1% burn mechanism on transactions and plans to remove 10% of the total token supply over time. This deflationary model adds to XRP20’s allure, distinguishing it from its predecessor.

4. XRP20 and the XRP Army: While XRP20 is not directly affiliated with Ripple Labs or XRP, it aims to cater to the massive and loyal XRP Army. Its decentralized nature and the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain set it apart from Ripple’s centralized control. Additionally, the introduction of staking further enhances its appeal.

5. Trending Higher Than XRP: XRP20 has recently gained significant traction and outperformed XRP in terms of search interest, particularly in the finance category in the United States and on par with XRP in South Korea.

With a current fundraising amount of over $1.79 million and a hard cap of $3.68 million, the XRP20 presale shows great potential for significant price uplift. To participate in the presale, one can visit the XRP20 platform, connect their wallet, and complete the purchase using Ethereum or USDT.


The blockchain industry showcases both the potential risks and groundbreaking opportunities that arise within it. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) faces significant downside risk due to recent rejection and price retracement. On the other hand, XRP20 offers a revolutionary approach to the XRP space, promising impressive potential gains and unique features that set it apart from Ripple’s XRP. As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed about emerging projects and understanding their nuances becomes crucial for investors and enthusiasts alike.

Disclaimer: Crypto investments come with inherent risks, and readers should exercise caution. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries the risk of capital loss.