French restaurant drives Bitcoin adoption, only accepts BTC for high-end menu item.

French restaurant drives Bitcoin adoption, only accepts BTC for high-end menu item.

Bitcoin and Tradition: How Centennial Traditions are Promoting Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin, the revolutionary digital currency, often seems elusive and disconnected from the traditional financial system. Its adoption is hindered by a psychological barrier that prevents many people from embracing it. To bridge this gap and promote Bitcoin as a legitimate alternative to traditional money, it can be helpful to associate it with something widely acknowledged and cherished. In France, a country known for its rich culinary traditions, the age-old tradition of dining in traditional restaurants has been harnessed to promote Bitcoin adoption, providing a fascinating intersection between tradition and technology.

The Eating: French Gastronomy and Bitcoin

If there’s one thing that unites the French, it is their love for food and drink. In France, dining is considered an art form, and the city of Lyon is renowned as the capital of French gastronomy. Among the many culinary establishments, the traditional “bouchon” holds a special place in the hearts of the French. These restaurants serve authentic, hearty dishes in a traditional setting, providing comfort for both the stomach and the soul. One such bouchon is Comptoir Brunet, a family-owned restaurant in Lyon that has been serving Lyonnaise cuisine since 1934.

The unique twist at Comptoir Brunet is that it is now managed by a fervent Bitcoin enthusiast, Benjamin Baldassini. After exploring the world of Bitcoin and considering contributing to its codebase, Benjamin decided to honor his family tradition and take over the restaurant. To promote Bitcoin adoption, the first step was enabling Bitcoin payments. Instead of opting for an existing crypto payment solution, Benjamin utilized his IT skills and installed his own Bitcoin node, followed by BTCPay Server, a payment processor on the Lightning Network. This self-hosted solution offered the most natural choice, despite presenting some technical challenges.

However, despite proudly displaying “Bitcoin accepted here” signs, the majority of customers continued to pay in euros, highlighting the psychological barrier to Bitcoin adoption. Benjamin needed to find a way to incentivize payments in Bitcoin further, leveraging other French traditions.

The Drinking: Apéro and Bitcoin

In France, the apéro, short for aperitif, is an essential part of social life. It involves leisurely gathering with friends, enjoying snacks, and sipping wine or beer, all while engaging in spirited discussions. Benjamin decided to turn the monthly apéro at Comptoir Brunet into a Bitcoin-only event. This attracted the city’s Bitcoin community and created a space for like-minded individuals to come together, socialize, and spend their Bitcoin. While this event helped build a stronger Bitcoin community, Benjamin felt the need for a more concrete incentive for Bitcoin adoption.

Introducing Tradition: Chartreuse and Bitcoin Promotion

To further promote Bitcoin adoption at Comptoir Brunet, Benjamin decided to integrate a very French tradition – Chartreuse, a herbal liqueur with a centuries-old recipe. Chartreuse is distilled by the Carthusian monks in the Chartreuse mountains of southeastern France. This rare and meticulously crafted liqueur is highly sought after by connoisseurs worldwide.

The Carthusian monks have recently decided to reduce production to maintain the spiritual integrity of their monastery. As a result, authentic Chartreuse has become even rarer, with limited availability. Comptoir Brunet is among a select few establishments that receives a fixed number of Chartreuse bottles each year, including the highly coveted Reine de Liqueurs, the Queen of Liqueur.

To taste this exquisite Chartreuse, patrons must acquire Bitcoin. This creates an elegant connection between the rare and sought-after liquor and the equally coveted digital currency. By leveraging tradition, Benjamin is not only promoting Bitcoin but also honoring the legacies of generations of Lyonnaise cooks and Chartreuse monks.

The Importance of Tradition in Bitcoin Adoption

The work of people like Benjamin all over the world in promoting Bitcoin payments is essential for the widespread adoption of this digital currency. By associating Bitcoin with well-established traditions, it becomes easier for individuals to embrace the concept of digital money. Just as the Lyonnaise cuisine and Chartreuse represent the legacy of craftsmanship and heritage, Bitcoin represents the innovation and future of finance.

In conclusion, the story of Comptoir Brunet in Lyon demonstrates how tradition and innovation can intersect to promote Bitcoin adoption. By associating Bitcoin with the cherished French traditions of dining and drinking, Benjamin has created a unique and compelling narrative that captures the interest of both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with the technology. By bridging the gap between tradition and technology, Benjamin is helping to lower the psychological barrier and bring Bitcoin into the realm of mainstream acceptance. The combination of tradition and Bitcoin not only makes the adoption of digital currency more accessible but also ensures that centuries-old practices continue to evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape of finance.