Foundation Devices launches Envoy Bitcoin Wallet app

Foundation Devices, a company that specializes in Bitcoin-related tools, has announced the release of its Envoy mobile app as a separate Bitcoin mobile wallet with improved features for managing accounts and privacy.

According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, this update is part of Foundation’s mission to make digital independence more accessible and to reduce the barriers to self-custody of bitcoin. The new Envoy app introduces what Foundation calls “Envoy Magic Backups,” a simplified setup and backup process for mobile wallets. The press release describes how users can now start using the wallet in just 60 seconds without seed words and can easily restore their wallet on any device with a few taps.

Zach Herbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Foundation, expressed his excitement about the update, stating, “With this update, we are excited to bring our best-in-class design, intuitive and approachable user experience, and peace of mind to smartphone users across the globe — no Passport required.”

In addition to the introduction of the Envoy app, Foundation has also announced a price reduction for its Passport hardware wallet, now priced at $199. Customers who ordered within the last 90 days are eligible to claim a $50 gift card for the Foundation store.

Alongside this, Foundation released a major update to the Passport hardware wallet, introducing the Key Manager extension that enables powerful new tools such as child seeds and Nostr keys.

Herbert emphasized Foundation’s commitment to accessibility, stating, “Foundation is committed to making Bitcoin and decentralized technologies accessible to everyone. These updates mark significant advancements in our mission to empower individuals to reclaim their digital sovereignty.”