Flare partners with aiPX for new perpetual exchange debut.

In an exciting development within the blockchain space, Flare, a data-centric Layer 1 blockchain, has announced a partnership with aiPX to launch a decentralized non-custodial perpetual exchange on the Flare network. According to a press release shared with blockchain, Flare’s native network will serve as the underlying infrastructure for aiPX, providing a robust and efficient foundation for the decentralized exchange.

Benefits of Flare and aiPX Partnership

Leveraging Flare’s capabilities, aiPX will ensure that users can connect their wallets seamlessly to the platform, eliminating the need for additional steps or third-party intermediaries. Furthermore, by utilizing Flare’s native network, aiPX gains access to the blockchain’s scalability and high transaction throughput. This ensures that users have a quick and efficient trading experience with little to no delays or congestion.

On the other hand, aiPX is expected to offer innovative solutions for risk management and liquidity provision. One of the key components enabling this functionality is the integration of Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) price feeds. By leveraging FTSO price feeds for collateral calculations and liquidation thresholds, aiPX ensures accurate and reliable data, enabling effective risk management within the platform.

In addition to its focus on risk management and liquidity solutions, aiPX, the perpetual DEX built on Flare blockchain, offers a range of features designed to enhance the trading experience for users. These features include leverage trading, token swaps, staking for protocol revenue share, and user governance.

Remarkably, aiPX will be launching with an initial set of liquidity pools that include WUSDC, WFLR, and WUSDT. These pools provide traders with immediate access to a range of assets, allowing them to begin trading and interacting with the platform from the start.

As the project progresses and fresh bridging models are introduced on Flare, more tokens are expected to become available, expanding the options for users and further enhancing the liquidity ecosystem.

It is worth noting that the team behind aiPX has a track record of success in the DeFi space. The team previously developed Takepile, a decentralized perpetual exchange, on the Fantom network. This experience and expertise serve as a strong foundation for aiPX’s development, ensuring that the team understands the intricacies of building and maintaining a decentralized trading platform.

The Rise of Data-Centric Layer 1 Blockchains

Data-centric Layer 1 blockchains have emerged as a crucial component of the blockchain ecosystem. These platforms prioritize the availability and integrity of data, making them ideal for hosting Decentralized Applications (dApps) that rely on accurate and transparent data.

Flare, as a data-centric Layer 1 blockchain, aligns perfectly with the goals of the partnership, ensuring a solid foundation for the decentralized non-custodial perpetual exchange.

Recently, the platform collaborated with Atriv to provide the network with Atriv’s no-code NFT platform. The collaboration intends to create a free market in which collectors and digital artists can easily make art and tokenize it.