Flare Blockchain partners with Arkham’s Intelligence Platform

Flare Blockchain partners with Arkham's Intelligence Platform

Flare Blockchain and Arkham Partner to Unlock Advanced Analytics for Users

The blockchain industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, driven by the quest for transparency, data-driven decision-making, and the creation of new use cases. In a significant development, Flare blockchain, often referred to as the blockchain for data, has formed a strategic partnership with Arkham, a leading provider of blockchain analytics and intelligence solutions. This collaboration, effective as of September 29th, brings Flare’s robust network data analysis capabilities into the fold of Arkham’s Intelligence Platform, offering a powerful suite of tools for Flare users.

Flare: Empowering Decentralized Data Acquisition

Flare is not just another blockchain platform; it stands out for its unique approach to optimizing decentralized data acquisition. By seamlessly integrating decentralized oracles, Flare provides developers with trustless access to a wide range of data at minimal cost and on a scalable basis. This utility layer has been pivotal in expanding the scope of blockchain technology, enabling the creation of new and improved use cases.

Arkham: Bridging the Gap Between Crypto Transactions and Real-World Institutions

Arkham, on the other hand, is known for its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine, ULTRA. This advanced technology leverages algorithms to match blockchain addresses with real-world entities, enhancing transparency within the crypto industry. By bridging the gap between cryptocurrency transactions and real-world institutions, Arkham provides valuable data and analytics on the individuals and organizations behind blockchain activity.

The Power of Integration: Flare Meets Arkham’s Advanced Analytics

The integration of Flare with Arkham’s platform creates a powerful synergy, benefiting both Flare users and the broader blockchain community. Flare users can now leverage Arkham’s extensive analytics capabilities to make informed, data-driven decisions. By submitting queries to the Arkham Oracle, users can access actionable on-chain insights, giving them an invaluable competitive edge in the dynamic blockchain landscape.

Building an Ecosystem of Opportunities

Furthermore, Flare users can actively participate in Flare-related activities, such as bounties and auctions facilitated through the Arkham Intel Exchange. This integration opens up exciting opportunities for users to engage with the Flare network and its ecosystem in previously unexplored ways. With Arkham’s support and expertise, users can unlock the full potential of Flare and explore new horizons within the blockchain industry.

A Commitment to Radical Transparency and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Miguel Morel, the founder and CEO of Arkham, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their dedication to expanding support for additional blockchains. Morel acknowledged the industry’s need for radical transparency and data-driven decision-making, which drives their commitment to bridging the gap between blockchain activity and real-world insights.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Flare blockchain and Arkham represents a significant milestone in the blockchain industry. By integrating Flare’s decentralized data acquisition capabilities with Arkham’s advanced analytics offerings, users gain access to powerful tools that enable informed decision-making. This partnership not only benefits Flare users but also contributes to the overall growth and maturation of the blockchain ecosystem. With a focus on radical transparency and data-driven insights, Flare and Arkham are poised to shape the future of blockchain technology.