Fewocious announces new Fewos collection

The NFT artist Fewocious announced on Wednesday that he will be releasing a new digital art collection called “Fewos.” The collection will consist of 20,000 profile-picture (PFP) NFTs, and will be available for minting in August.

Fewos are characters in Fewocious’ Web3 universe of digital art, with three species of Fewo NFTs – Frankenstein, Misunderstood, and Humanoid – each with their own unique artistic traits. The price of the NFTs has not been announced.

The creatures were hand-drawn by Fewocious and then converted into 3D art. The mint will open for public sale later in the summer, but there will be a presale for holders of Fewocious’ previous Paint Drop collection, as well as holders of other Fewocious digital art tokens.

Each Fewo comes with an ERC-6551, which means the token can transform into a wallet. The wallet will be used to claim a mint pass for FewoFashion, a collection of digital wearables and accessories.

Fewocious, whose real name is Victor Langlois, is one of the most successful NFT artists to date. In April 2022, he released the Paint Drop collection and amassed $20 million in sales in 24 hours. In October of the same year, he collaborated with the David Bowie estate to release an animated NFT paired with a seven-foot tall physical sculpture that sold for $127,000.

Edited by Toby Leah Bochan.