Fake Trezor App removed from Apple App Store.

A fake version of the advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has been found on the Apple App Store. The app, named “Trezor Wallet Suite”, is a counterfeit and potentially dangerous version of the real thing. The app has been active on the App Store for weeks and has reportedly been stealing users’ seed phrases, which are lists of words that can be used to recover lost or stolen cryptocurrency assets. The Managing Partner at The Crypto Lawyer, Rafael Yakobi, has emphasised the need for extreme caution and due diligence when dealing with cryptocurrency to ensure safety. While it is unclear how the fake app managed to elude Apple’s review guidelines, the technology company is known for its strict standards. In the past, Trezor has also suffered from similar attacks, including a phishing attack in April 2022 and a fake app on the Google Play Store in 2021.