Experts predict lesser-known coin to skyrocket 100x, while BALD Rug-pulls on base.

Experts predict lesser-known coin to skyrocket 100x, while BALD Rug-pulls on base.

The Rise and Fall of $BALD: Lessons from the Meme Coin Market


The world of cryptocurrencies is a captivating landscape filled with opportunities and risks. One corner of this market that has gained attention in recent times is meme coins. These digital assets, known for their humorous branding and explosive price movements, have attracted both enthusiastic retail investors and opportunistic scammers. One such meme coin, $BALD, soared to great heights before crashing spectacularly. This incident serves as a cautionary tale for meme coin investors, highlighting the importance of careful analysis and due diligence in this volatile sector.

$BALD, built on Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Base, experienced a meteoric rise over the weekend, reaching fresh all-time highs around $0.97 with a market cap close to $100 million. However, this joyous ascent was short-lived, as the coin plummeted by 90% in a sudden crash. Concerns arose that $BALD had fallen victim to a “rug-pull,” a deceptive maneuver where the token issuer absconds with a significant portion of decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity. Reports indicated that $BALD held around $32 million worth of ether (ETH) in its DEX liquidity pool prior to the crash. Alarmingly, $BALD’s developers were accused of removing 7,000 ETH tokens, confirming investor suspicions about foul play.

The $BALD incident underscores the importance of vigilance and awareness when investing in meme coins. To protect oneself from falling prey to scams, investors should prioritize scrutinizing a token’s contract. Platforms like DEXTools offer valuable insights into a token’s developer powers, such as the ability to mint more tokens, manipulate taxes, freeze or limit trades, and blacklist wallets. Conducting thorough analyses of these variables can help investors identify red flags and avoid potential disasters.

Additionally, the presence of locked liquidity is a crucial factor to consider when selecting meme coins. DEXTools can provide information on whether a token’s liquidity has been locked, offering investors an added layer of security. This feature ensures that the developer cannot tamper with the liquidity pool during volatile market conditions, fostering trust and confidence among investors.

While the $BALD debacle serves as a sobering lesson, it is worth noting that some early investors did manage to capitalize on the coin’s initial surge. Notably, @cheatcoiner.eth reportedly turned a $500 investment into a staggering $1.4 million. Similarly, @Lookonchain identified four addresses that transformed 0.534 ETH into 554 ETH within a single day. These success stories, albeit exceptional, contribute to the feverish pursuit of meme coins among retail investors, who hope to identify the next multi-hundred or multi-thousand times return.

In this regard, experts in the crypto community have set their sights on Hairy Token ($HAIRY) as the potential successor to $BALD. This token has witnessed a phenomenal 7,000% surge in the past 24 hours, with a market cap exceeding $700,000 and close to 300 holders, according to DEXTools data. Fortunately, $HAIRY stands apart from its ill-fated predecessor; it has a verified contract and locked liquidity, eliminating the risk of a rug pull. Furthermore, the developer of $HAIRY has renounced the contract, relinquishing control over the project and the token. These measures provide reassurance to potential investors and distinguish $HAIRY from scam coins that plague the meme coin market.

Given its current market cap and rug pull-proof contract, $HAIRY presents an intriguing opportunity for both scorned $BALD investors and those seeking substantial growth. Perhaps $HAIRY can even surpass the $100 million market cap that its ill-fated rival briefly attained. However, it is important to approach meme coin investments with caution, conducting thorough research and verifying all claims before committing funds.

The $BALD crash serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls that await unsuspecting investors in the meme coin market. By arming themselves with knowledge, scrutinizing contracts, and relying on trustworthy platforms like DEXTools, investors can navigate this exciting but treacherous terrain more successfully.