EOS EVM v050 launches with Yield+ Liquidity mining for EOS

  • The EOS Network Foundation has announced the launch of EOS EVM v0.50, the first major update of EOS EVM.
  • This update will provide new yield farming opportunities for DeFi investors.
  • EOS EVM v0.50 also includes other updates aimed to optimize EOS for DeFi.

The community is celebrating yet another milestone for the blockchain network, with the release of EOS EVM v0.5.0 being potentially the biggest EOS news of the week.

The EOS Network Foundation revealed that the release had reached code completion, which will provide new liquidity benefits for the ecosystem through the integration of Yield+ Liquidity.

EOS EVM v0.50 includes key updates on network optimization and improvements to user experience for EOS’ developer community.

First major update to EOS EVM

V0.50 is the first major EOS EVM version since the EOS Network Foundation launched the EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine mainnet. The beta launch went live in mid-April, around the same time as Ethereum 2.0 activated the highly anticipated Shapella upgrade.

The EOS EVM for Solidity developers enabled interoperability between EOS and Ethereum and marked an important step for further growth of the EOS network.

EOS EVM v0.50 brings Yield+ Liquidity to ecosystem

DeFi traders can now access more dApps and tap into new yield farming opportunities with EOS EVM v0.50.

Yield+ brings a liquidity rewards program that will not only attract more DeFi dApps to EOS, but also help increase the Total Value Locked (TVL). The program was unveiled in August and sees dApps rewarded in tokens, based on the total value of deposits they bring into the EOS ecosystem.

According to DeFiLlama, EOS currently has $98 million in TVL, a tiny portion of the $27 billion in TVL on Ethereum.

What are the other key updates of EOS EVM v0.50?

In addition to Yield+, EOS EVM has also introduced several updates on optimization, performance, and user experience. The updates include read-only transaction execution support, removal of advanced execution, updated “inevm” table, and modification to the withdraw action.

The EOS Network Foundation says code completion for EOS EVM v0.50 also allows EOS engineers to strategize for a testnet for the smart contract upgrade, which is currently in development and will pave the way for mainnet deployment.

A roadmap highlighting upcoming key milestones for EOS will also be released soon, with developers, dApps, and DeFi investors all likely to benefit immensely from new capabilities and opportunities.