Elon Musk renames Twitter Blue subscription service to X Premium.

Elon Musk renames Twitter Blue subscription service to X Premium.

The Evolution of X Premium: A Game-Changer in the Blockchain Industry


In a groundbreaking announcement, the renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk has rebranded the popular social media platform Twitter to X, and its widely known subscription service Twitter Blue to X Premium. But what sets X Premium apart is its revolutionary ad revenue sharing model, which has stirred excitement among users and experts alike. This article takes a closer look at the implications of X Premium in the blockchain industry, shedding light on its key features, eligibility criteria, and the impact it may have on users and the platform itself.

X Premium’s Ad Revenue Sharing Model

X Premium introduces a novel ad revenue sharing model that allows eligible subscribers to earn a portion of the platform’s ad revenue based on their engagement. This move positions X as a pioneering player in the industry, creating a new wave of possibilities for monetizing user-generated content.

To be eligible for a share of the ad revenue, users must meet specific criteria: they need to be X Premium subscribers, have at least 500 followers, be at least 18 years old, and have received a minimum of 15 million impressions on their posts over the past three months. Musk made it clear that ad revenue generated from non-subscribers will remain with the platform, incentivizing users to opt for X Premium to unlock this potential source of earnings.

Taking Inspiration from TikTok

The ad revenue sharing mechanism implemented by X Premium draws inspiration from popular platforms like TikTok. Instead of placing ads directly in the main feed, X takes a similar approach to TikTok by integrating advertisements within the comments section of user tweet replies. This strategy motivates users to generate more comments and replies on their posts, subsequently increasing engagement and potential revenue.

By adopting this format, X not only optimizes user experience but also encourages interaction and dialogue on the platform. Users are rewarded for creating engaging content that attracts active discussions, fostering a vibrant environment that benefits both creators and audiences.

The Early Success of Ad Revenue Sharing

X’s foray into ad revenue sharing commenced in a surprise move last month, with numerous Twitter users reporting receiving their share of the revenue. On July 28, the ad revenue feature was rolled out to all X Premium (Blue) subscribers, giving them a taste of the potential earnings.

The revenue distribution is determined from the time Musk initially promised it in February, highlighting his commitment to delivering what he envisions for the platform. Early success stories, where users showcased substantial earnings, have created a buzz and generated excitement among the X community.

“Twitter just paid me almost $25,000.” — Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein) July 13, 2023

This tangible demonstration of the ad revenue sharing system in action has bolstered confidence in this groundbreaking initiative and affirmed X’s commitment to creating a fair and inclusive environment for users.

Overwhelming Support and Future Developments

The introduction of the ad revenue sharing model has garnered immense interest and support, leading to an unexpected surge in X Premium subscribers. In response to the overwhelming demand, the X support account reassured users that while the influx of premium subscribers surpassed expectations, the platform would invest additional time to review and payout eligible accounts.

“The number of people signing up for ads revenue sharing has exceeded our expectations. We need a bit more time to review everything for the next payout and aim to get all eligible accounts paid as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!” — Support (@Support) August 5, 2023

Despite the slight delay caused by the unexpected volume of participants, X remains committed to ensuring all eligible accounts receive their deserved earnings promptly. This level of dedication and transparency emphasizes the platform’s intent to create a stable and supportive environment for its users.

Reinventing X: From Social Media to “Everything App”

Elon Musk’s vision for X extends beyond a mere social media platform. As part of his ambitious plans, he introduced the Twitter Blue subscription service, initially allowing users to purchase blue tick verification marks. This service has since evolved into X Premium, offering participants the opportunity to earn a share of the ad revenue.

By embracing blockchain technology and the concept of decentralization, X represents a paradigm shift in the industry. It aims to empower users and creators by giving them control over their content and the ability to monetize it effectively. X’s evolution reflects a growing trend in the blockchain industry, where innovation and inclusivity are becoming the cornerstone of digital platforms.


In an era where traditional revenue models are being challenged by the transformative power of blockchain, X Premium emerges as a pioneering force in the blockchain industry. By introducing an ad revenue sharing model, X incentivizes engagement and rewards content creators, fostering an environment conducive to dynamic interactions and revenue generation. As the platform continues to evolve and refine its features, X is poised to redefine the boundaries of social media and establish itself as a true “everything app” in the blockchain era.