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Free Bitcoin on Zaps experiment – what are Zaps?

How does granting Tim Cook a complimentary membership relate to the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

Coinbase plans to incorporate Bitcoin Lightning for payments.

The exchange's broader plan to enhance cryptocurrency-based payments globally is a significant stride forward.

Mash launches Lightning Bitcoin Wallet app for Android & iOS in beta.

Mash's Lightning Bitcoin Wallet, an innovative web-app that bypasses app store restrictions, is now accessible in beta.

New developer tools enable Lightning and AI communities to build cost-effective LLM tooling.

New tools released by Lightning Labs enable seamless integration of artificial intelligence into bitcoin solutions an...

Google Cloud partners with Voltage to advance Bitcoin Lightning goals.

Google Ventures has demonstrated a strong interest in companies involved in blockchain technology, Web3, and Bitcoin.

VLS Beta Released for Enhanced Security of Lightning Nodes.

The Validating Lightning Signer has the potential to revolutionize the security of Lightning node operations by separ...

Lightning takes the wheel of a European rally car adventure, honk if you love Bitcoin!

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has found another way to be useful it can be used to queue up songs for a rally in Nort...

LDK Node Library simplifies self-custodial Lightning nodes for mobile apps.

The latest method for creating self-controlled Lightning nodes in mobile applications enables the inclusion of wallet...

Lightning partnership with retail giant boosts Bitcoin adoption in Mexico.

Cointelegraph interviewed José Lemus, the CEO of Ibex Mercado, to discuss a partnership for payments with the biggest...

Zion Social Network now accepts Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network for secure messaging with instant transactions.

The social media application that is not controlled by a central authority now enables users to make payments using L...

Amboss launches new ‘Liner’ index for Bitcoin yield.

The company has announced the introduction of a new index called Lightning Network Rate (Liner), which could be simil...

New Layer 2 Bitcoin protocol, Ark, will focus on solving Lightning’s inbound liquidity issue.

The person who created the new protocol, who is 24 years old, has said that the requirement for Lightning's inbound l...

Neutronpay and Pouchph partner for lightning-fast, affordable remittances between Canada and Vietnam

Canadians who wish to send money to the Philippines can now use the Lightning Network for this purpose